G'day, I started The Yellow Scarf back in 2007, which quickly became the most read rugby forum in Australia. The Scarf became part of the GAGR empire in 2009 and the place has gone from strength to strength since then. In my spare time not watching rugby, I regularly tear my achilles tendon at touch footy, as well as being an academic.

  • All Blacks
    Video Analysis: All Blacks at the breakdown

    After their loss to the All Blacks in Wellington, Springbok lock Victor Matfield said that “”It seems...

  • Super Rugby
    KooGa Super 14 Tipping Comp – The Winner

    With the moment, came the man: Croks. He powered away from the field in the last couple...

  • Super Rugby
    KooGa Super 14 Tipping Comp; 1 game to go

    Let me make this clear: it ain’t over! Sure, Croks is ahead by 2.5 points but there’s still 4.5 points left on the table. Anyone from the top 7 could still (mathematically) win the title. Cheezel tipped both semi-finals almost to the point, but it won’t be enough to grab the brand...

  • Rugby
    Super 14 Tipping Comp – Minor Premiers

    Awesome effort from some G&GR correspondents in the last couple of weeks. Waratah Jesus took out Round 13 and Moses has bagged Round 14, elevating him a lofty 81st position. It’s not too late Moses, keep it coming from the heart. Also scoring a perfect round this week was the Shark. Unfortunately,...

  • Super Rugby
    KooGa Super 14 Tipping Comp – Round 12 – THAT’S what I’m talking about!

    Let’s start with the Player of the Round. It’s me, Scarfman. That’s right, bitches, 7 outta 7,...

  • Super Rugby
    KooGa Super 14 Tipping Comp – Round 11

    A couple of very tough results this week. Not too many people were on the Force to...

  • Super Rugby
    Super 14 Tipping Comp – Week 9 Results

    Croksy powers to the lead ahead of dogmaniac and Epi. But there’s only 3.25 points separating the top 10, so with 5 rounds to go, plus the double-points finals, there is still room for someone outside of the top 10 to make it. Especially with some of the hot favourites faltering. maicoolz...

  • Super Rugby
    Super 14 Tipping Comp: Week 7

    A tough week for tipsters. Even our competition leader, Epi, dropped two games this week. It was plain sailing for ejd, however, who got 6 out of 6, leaping to 50th, and proving that even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day. One to watch is Brumby-boy maicoolz, who...

  • Super Rugby
    Super 14 Tipping Comp: Week 6 Results

    Interesting week in the comp. Not too many big upsets in the rugby but lots of movement in the ranks of the top 10. Waratahs fan Epi powers from 6th to 1st, extending his winning streak to 12 games. Dogmaniac goes 8th to 2nd. Croks comes from nowhere to climb to 3rd....

  • Rugby
    Super 14 Tipping Comp: Who Gives a Stuff?!

    What a shocker. What an absolute Barry Crocker. This week I fell from 14th to bloody 65th...

  • Rugby
    Super 14 Tipping Comp: Week 5

    The top 10 is starting to settle down a bit with familiar faces at the top of the log. The Crusaders boys are running 1 – 2, followed by our Fantasy captain Newb.

  • Rugby
    Super 14 Tipping Comp: Round Three

    Tahs fan SA was our player of the round, getting every game right with a few bonus points thrown in. The top 10 this week is packed with Reds fans (who must have had their doubts about the Reds winning two games in a row), and Crusaders fans, like our new leader...

  • Rugby
    Super 14 Tipping Competition: Round 2

    That man newb was our Player of the Round. Last year he won the Fantasy Comp outright...

  • ACT Brumbies
    Super 14 Tipping Comp: Round 1

    Brumby-fan Latts is half a point clear of the field, but our Crusaders fans certainly know their rugby. Out of 141 players, only 8 picked all correct winners. Here’s the Top 10:

  • NSW Waratahs
    Hate Week 2010

    It’s mate against mate, state against state, hate against hate. Do I need to say it? It’s New South Wales versus Queensland. Waratahs versus the Reds. The match itself is of no consequence, for what we all really love is The Build Up. A week to live for, and to die for....

  • Wallabies
    Fifteen hard men

    Changes need to be made across the board and desperate times call for desperate measures. . Here’s my new look Wallabies for Wales. 1 J Bugner 2 S Irwin 3 D Lukin 4 A Gaze

  • ACT Brumbies
    Run home to the semis, Part 3

    Here we are with 2 to go. I’ve kicked the Force and the Blues out of contention,...

  • Rugby
    900 days to go

    There hasn’t been much talk of the RWC11 draw. Probably because we are all in spasms of frustration over the performance of the Aussie Super14 teams. But here it is in all its quadrennial magnificence. Pool A New Zealand France Tonga Americas 1 (USA?) Asia 1 (Japan) Maybe France can knock the...