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Super 14 Tipping Comp – Week 9 Results

Super 14 Tipping Comp – Week 9 Results

Croksy powers to the lead ahead of dogmaniac and Epi. But there’s only 3.25 points separating the top 10, so with 5 rounds to go, plus the double-points finals, there is still room for someone outside of the top 10 to make it.

Especially with some of the hot favourites faltering. maicoolz stays in the top 10 despite a 3 from 6 performance. Chiefs to beat the Bulls? Don’t think so. Here’s our leaderboard after Week 9.

This one's for Bobas

This one's for Bobas

1 Croks 59.25

2 dogmaniac 59.08

3 Epi 58.75

4 Reido 58.25

5 RSEA 57.75

6 MrTimms 57.00

7 chief 56.50

8 Tangawizi 56.25

9 maicoolz 56.08

10 lucasrje 56.00

Player of the Round was Jakarta Shark, rocketing up from, oh I dunno, let’s say 90th, to 74th with a perfect round. The shark has some form in SuperBru, with some runner-up honours in the past, so don’t count him out yet. Is that you, Cinderella?

Noddy has been strutting around the G&GR virtual office, drawing attention to his rapid rise from oblivion to contender. He’s only 6.75 points off the lead, so time enough if good enough.

Waratahs fans are off the hook this week, but the heat is on fans of the Brumbies, Reds and Force. Did they come through with the love? Mostly, they did. But there are always THE HATERS. In this case, that low dog AGTpkt picked the Highlanders to beat his beloved Force. Somebody tell The Whole Force, a tarring is in order.

My favourite tip of the week? Easy. Bobas got on the Brumbies by 50! Bagged the win, the margin point and the bonus point. Fortune favours the brave.

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