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Super 14 Tipping Comp: Week 6 Results

Super 14 Tipping Comp: Week 6 Results

Interesting week in the comp. Not too many big upsets in the rugby but lots of movement in the ranks of the top 10. Waratahs fan Epi powers from 6th to 1st, extending his winning streak to 12 games. Dogmaniac goes 8th to 2nd. Croks comes from nowhere to climb to 3rd. It’s a Cinderella story. Or the first draft, anyway.

Who tipped against the Tahs?

Who tipped against the Tahs?

1 Epi 44.25

2 dogmaniac 43.83

3 Croks 43.50

4 Mainlander 42.58

5 Marto 42.50

6 chief 42.50

7 lucasrje 42.00

8 WCFCHobart 41.75

9 brighton 40.75

10 BRIX 40.75

The player of the round, though, was Splex from the Tah Army. She goes from about 300th to 26th. Tipped all 6 correctly, with 4 inside the margin. That’s some sweet tipping.

Not like mattyk who got his numbers back to front when he tipped the Crusaders by 72 instead of the correct mark of 27. Moses and Kerouac showed some spirit (strong distilled spirit) by tipping the Tahs by 50-odd.

But the question on everyone’s lips is, of course: Who were the low dogs who call themselves Waratah supporters and yet tipped the mighty Waratahs to lose to the basket case that is the Western Force? Surely, no-one could be as stupid as Juan Cote, who got on the Force by 7? Well, try on the Shark for size. Sure, he didn’t get his tips in, so was allocated the tip by the Superbru computer, but that’s no excuse! This tiger has shown his stripes.

Among the G&GR crew, there’s nothing to see there. We’re 40th, 58th, 71st, 88th, 96th, and 114th, in no particular order. Here’s a hint, though: the same bloke who tipped the Force is 114th. Shh.

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