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Super 14 Tipping Comp: Week 7

Super 14 Tipping Comp: Week 7

A tough week for tipsters. Even our competition leader, Epi, dropped two games this week. It was plain sailing for ejd, however, who got 6 out of 6, leaping to 50th, and proving that even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day. One to watch is Brumby-boy maicoolz, who had a Barry Crocker  in Week 2, but has correctly tipped 19 of the last 21 games, and moves up to 9th.


Tipping against the Waratahs ... feels so wrong, yet so right.

1 Epi 50.25

2 chief 49.50

3 dogmaniac 49.33

4 Croks 49.25

5 MrTimms 48.50

6 brighton 47.75

7 lucasrje 47.50

8 Reido 47.50

9 maicoolz 47.25

10 Cheezel 47.00

There’s a long list of back-stabbing bastards this week. Tipping against the Brumbies were Dim Dims and Bry. Tipping against the Reds were Disco, Rutla, Marto, and GC. And proving waratahjesus’s point that the Waratahs have the most cynical fans, we have smashie, RSEA, Scarfman (the shame!), Epi, TheWish, and Ishmael. Even old Tahs players hewy (pictured) and the Shark were on the Blues. Typical bloody Queenslanders.

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