Super 14 Tipping Comp – Minor Premiers

Super 14 Tipping Comp – Minor Premiers

Awesome effort from some G&GR correspondents in the last couple of weeks. Waratah Jesus took out Round 13 and Moses has bagged Round 14, elevating him a lofty 81st position. It’s not too late Moses, keep it coming from the heart. Also scoring a perfect round this week was the Shark. Unfortunately, the result wasn’t enough to lift him out of last place, among all those still putting their tips in. But we don’t hand out a wooden spoon at G&GR, we reward courage, perseverance and stick-to-itness, and hand out the 80 Minute Award to the fellow in last place who tips all the way to the end.

At the other end of the table, the Queenslanders have come from nowhere to take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the regular season, with Croks as our minor premier. His perfect round might have put him beyond doubt, but don’t forget that the semi-finals are worth 2 points each and the final 3 points. I’m only 21 points off the lead so I reckon I’m in with a chance.

Here’s the Top 10:

Lote Tuquiri

Next year, Lote, next year ...

1 Croks 89.25

2 chief 87.75

3 Reddy! 86.25

4 Epi 86.25

5 Pierre-Marie 86.08

6 Alex-A 86.08

7 Ishmael 86.00

8 RSEA 85.58

9 Reido 85.50

10 backfiRED 85.25

Dog List Tahs: Epi, Eddo, TheRiddler

Dog List Reds: Liquorbox


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