Fifteen hard men

Fifteen hard men
Not an overpaid softcock

Not an overpaid softcock

Changes need to be made across the board and desperate times call for desperate measures. . Here’s my new look Wallabies for Wales.

1 J Bugner
2 S Irwin
3 D Lukin
4 A Gaze
05 P Brock
6 I Thorpe
7 R Clarke
8 G Norman
9 S Warne
10 D Bradman (c)
11 D Lillee
12 J Newcombe
13 T Roche
14 J Thomson
15 W Dunlop

Coach: B Cummings

They don't made Wallabies like they used to

Wallabies - They don't made 'em like they used to

It’s a makeshift side, but Bart has been taking the boys through their paces all week and they look pretty slick, as you would expect. No problem with going the distance.

The front row obviously has plenty of weight and strength, but has been stiffened considerably with the return of Steve Irwin from injury. He’s been chucking his children at crocs all week with perfect accuracy.

We’ve got plenty of height in Andrew Gaze, who will be calling the lineouts. Some say Brocky hasn’t got the height for lock, but he insisted on playing in the 05 shirt and we couldn’t say no to him. The Thorpedo is also a genuine lineout option at 6.

Ron Clarke’s ability to run all day made him a certainty for openside, and the Shark has been hitting them beautifully at practice.

Our halves combination is the dream team of Warne and Bradman. Warney’s just invented a way of spinning the ball directly under the no.8’s feet, while The Don has been directing traffic superbly, dispatching the ball to all corners of the ground.

Parsed Warney

Parsed Warney

The old firm of Newcombe and Roche are back on centrecourt and I expect them to be able to hit the line at speed.

Plenty of speed on the wings, with Thomo being clocked at just over 100mph.

Finally, we’ve got Weary at 15, safe as a bank, holding the last line of defence with nothing but a pair of borrowed boots, pride in the jersey, and a Vickers machine gun.


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