Super 14 Tipping Competition: Round 2

Super 14 Tipping Competition: Round 2

That man newb was our Player of the Round. Last year he won the Fantasy Comp outright and now he’s showing his class in the tipping. A fearsome adversary.

Not surprsingly, it was diehard Reds fans who made the biggest moves this week. Tangawizi and chief both went with the heart and came up with the win. Well played. Here’s the new Top 10:

Tangawizi (it's Swahili for ginger beer)

Tangawizi (it’s Swahili for ginger beer)

1. Tangawizi 17.00

2. dogmaniac 16.58

3. chief 16.00

4. Newb 15.75

5. Lindommer 15.75

6. Reido 15.50

7. Mainlander 15.00

8. Latts 14.58

9. Eddo 14.33

10. Dim Dims 14.25

Among the G&GR crew, I’m leading the field in 61st spot. The Shark is back in 84th despite picking the Stormers to beat the Tahs. Wood.N.Spoon is right on target for his timber trophy, in 129th.

Tip of the Week: DubboniansXV on the Force to win by 10.


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