Super 14 Tipping Comp: Round Three

Super 14 Tipping Comp: Round Three

Tahs fan SA was our player of the round, getting every game right with a few bonus points thrown in. The top 10 this week is packed with Reds fans (who must have had their doubts about the Reds winning two games in a row), and Crusaders fans, like our new leader Mainlander, who took some time out from spending time with his wife and kids to study the form.

The man newb is now in 2nd. Watch him. Here’s the top 10.

Musslander reserves a table

Don't interrupt Musslander when he's putting his tips in

1 Mainlander 25.83

2 Newb 24.00

3 dogmaniac 23.83

4 Tangawizi 23.25

5 chief 22.75

6 Marto 21.75

7 waratahjesus 21.75

8 SA 21.75

9 Milly 21.00

10 Reido 20.75

Don’t panic, though, there’s 13 rounds to go. Time enough if good enough. Keep your composure.

This week’s shame file features all those Brumbies fans who tipped the Stormers: rickman, WhoNeedsMelon, Running Rugby, Macca, maicoolz, and Dim Dims. For shame!! Remember: it’s OK to tip against your own team as long as they lose.

Among the G&GR crew, I’m coming 15th and … well, the rest of these pretenders are so far back I can’t find them on the radar. Lost at sea.


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