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    Dwyer expects mind Games from BOTH coaches

    World Cup winning coach Bob Dwyer talks about what he expects from the upcoming test series, the...

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    The politics of rugby

    Over the last month I have watched both the Wallabies and our politicians with dismay. It seems...

  • All Blacks
    Wallabies v All Blacks Preview: Champs or Chumps?

    You can build all you like but there comes a time when you have to stand and deliver. Now is that time. The Wallabies did deliver in Brisbane against a misfiring Springbok side who had been twice beaten up by the All Blacks in the previous few weeks. There’s no doubt that...

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    A RWC Wallaby Retrospective: 1995 vs 2011!

    Where were we in 94: Even though the IRB rankings didn’t really come into effect until somewhere...

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    Deans to date: the case for and against

    No doubt sparked by the deja vu of a splintered scrum and loss to the Poms, questions...

  • ACT Brumbies
    Melbourne Messiah and The Virgin Mary

    The national media have been fawning all over Rod McQueen’s appointment as the new Super 15 Melbourne...

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    Video: Wallabies Attack v Scotland

    There’s been lot’s of discussion about what’s going wrong with the Wallabies attack.  This video looks at a few examples that, not surprisingly, confirms what has been said on this site over the last few days.

  • England
    Experts: Wallabies Grand Slam predictions

    GREEN AND GOLD RUGBY EXCLUSIVE It’s been 25 years since we last had a crack at a Grand Slam (why?) and won it. So can Australia do it again with the current Wallabies mob? G&GR talked to a number of Aussie rugby experts, and here’s what they came up with: Lote Tuqiri...

  • All Blacks
    Video Analysis: The Kicking in Sydney

    In each Tri-Nations match so far the Wallabies have failed royally in at least in one major facet of the game, which has either released pressure on the opposition, or created it on themselves. In Auckland it was the scrum, in Cape Town it was the line-out. Last Saturday it was their...

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    Video analysis: Burgess vs Genia @ Newlands

    Following Auckland we had a look at the passing stats of the two Wallaby half backs, and by request we’ve repeated it for last weekend’s test in Cape Town. As you can see in the table below,

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    Pre-Grand Slam XV – The Amateur Selector

    I am what you might call an amateur selector. One of my favourite hobbies is picking Rugby...

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    Wallaby Watch – Open Side Flanker

    The incumbent(s): Phil Waugh (NSW): The Waratah skipper has been criticised by many this season, albeit mostly by non-Tah fans. It’s fair to say he looked off the pace and incapable of really stamping his authority on a game. This has changed lately, perhaps it’s the contract talks, and he’s starting to...

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    Learning to deal with Deans

    With the appointment of Robbie Deans as the next Wallaby coach drawing inexorably closer, the reality of...

  • Great rugby grounds of the world

    Yet again Nursedude has provided the inspiration for a bit of a ramble: “Of the rugby stadiums that you have been to in OZ and Europe, which ones do you think are the best in terms of sight-lines, and ambiance?” Bloody good question. Here’s my personal ranking – let me know what...

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    New Wallabies jersey for RWC 2007

    Nursedude wrote: Hey Matt, along with the cast of idiots, can you throw in some comments about...