State of the Union – 2011 Survey

State of the Union – 2011 Survey

I’ve put together a short survey to gain a better understanding of G&GR’s readers.

I’m planning to ask the same questions at the end of each year to gain insight into how the public opinion of rugby fans changes over time.

The survey is open from tonight until the end of November. Please suggest any changes to the format for next year’s survey in the comments below.

If you’re interested in completing the survey, click here to begin.

Note: All questions are optional, and there is no personally identifiable data collected.


Moses spends far too long on G&GR, dealing with the totality of the strength and conditioning, the medical, the rugby side of things, strategy, the review, preview of the internet itself and also the individuals. A Waratahs apologist and rib-eye steak enthusiast, he is often found working behind the scenes keeping the G&GR juggernaut afloat.

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