Queensland Premier Rugby Round 5

Queensland Premier Rugby Round 5

Premier Rugby

This week in Premier Rugby certainly didn’t disappoint!
First and foremost, Wests had a stunning 36-20 win over 2012 Premiers Uni. This is perhaps a turning point for Wests and shows that they are more than capable of a good upset.
2012 Grand Finalists Sunnybank went down 26-19 to Easts, who are now in 3rd place on the Ladder.
Norths were defeated 18-13 by a strong GPS side and they remain winless this season.
After trailing for a good part of the first half, Brothers managed a 42-15 win over Souths at Chipsy Wood Oval. The Brethren are the clear leaders of the competition with 25 points.
The Sunshine and Gold Coast had a bye but they will play Brothers and Easts respectively next week.
With some close games and upsets this round, we look forward to next week where anything can happen. If you haven’t already, go and check out your local rugby club on a Saturday. It’s a perfect, relaxed way to spend a Saturday. And if you do go along and happen to have a Twitter account, why not hashtag your experience? If you hashtag “3rd tier” you will be helping to promote the 3rd Tier notion in Australia. Let’s keep on building club rugby!
Check out this link for a full list of club rugby results from all grades at redsrugby.com.au

Premier Rugby Rd 5 and Brisbane Rugby Results

With thanks to Queensland Rugby

Brothers 42 (M Felsman 3 tries A Coady M Bond tries Dallan Murphy 4 cons 3 pens) d Souths 15 (M Rakosuka K Sefton tries I Thompson con pen)

Easts 25 (L Bertini M Brandon M Beeston S Cox tries M Brandon con pen) d Sunnybank 19 (T Tuivanuavou 2 tries G Blomfield try T Lucas 2 cons)

Wests 36 (S Greene B Hutchinson 2 tries B Gillespie try S Greene 4 cons pen) d University of Queensland 20 (K Boucart T Buchanan L Morahan tries D Bird con pen)

GPS 18 (A Toolis B Toolis tries J Milne con 2 pens) d Norths 13 (S Felipe L Tabu tries L Ebneter pen)

Premier Colts
Easts 38 (S Mains A Deck D Eske J Perese J Heenan tries A Deck 5 cons 1 pen) d Sunnybank 37 (T Mellor J Roberts L Maile S Gregg R Asiata S Tuliau tries S Malu 2 cons B Khuu penalty)

GPS 33 (D Sikimeti E Ovenden J Galsomino D Rayment K Afuie tries J Tkatchenko 4 cons) d Norths 7 (L Tuigamala try K Zalewski con)

Souths 24 (M Vanzati A Kaitu’u M Siaki K Sefton tries L Everson con P Springhall con) draw Brothers 24 (H FitzGerald C Tenekani S Hyne G Beveridge tries B Hartley 2 cons)

University of Queensland 45 (Banks 2 tries L Boustead L McLean J Cornelsen S Gale tries J Dalgleish 3 cons L Boustead 2 cons) d Wests 5 (D Pepper try)

Brisbane 1st Grade
Sunnybank 48 d Easts 19
Logan City 64 d Gold Coast Breakers 12
Souths 18 d Brothers 7
GPS 41 d Norths 7
University of Queensland 38 d Wests 14

Brisbane 2nd Grade
GPS 52 d Norths 0
Souths 46 d Brothers 31
Sunnybank 46 d Easts 12
Wests 17 d University of Queensland 15

Brisbane 3rd Grade
GPS 71 d Norths 10
Souths 29 d Brothers 7
Easts 25 d Sunnybank 19
University of Queensland 33 d Wests 5

Brisbane 4th Grade
Wests 39 d Sunnybank 7
Souths 26 d Easts 7

Brisbane 5th Grade
Souths 51 d University of Queensland 12
Wests wof Sunnybank

Brisbane Colts 1
GPS 62 d Norths 7
Sunnybank 24 d Easts 12
Souths 31 d Brothers 27
University of Queensland 55 d Wests 7

Brisbane Colts 2
University of Queensland (2) 16 d Sunnybank 14
GPS 24 d Brothers 13

Brisbane Women
Redlands 21 d Pine Rivers Pumas 17
Logan City 35 d Goodna 10
Sunnybank 6 d Wests 0
Barber Cup
Springfield 46 d Ipswich 18
Wynnum 31 d Redlands 24


Rugby is definitely a big part of my life and I love to watch it and report on it. My teams are the Queensland Reds and Brothers.

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