Mondays Rugby News – The Pre-coffee Edition

Mondays Rugby News – The Pre-coffee Edition

Happy Monday everyone there is a lot of good content to attack for today and due to a lack of decent options and a day off I am having a crack. Pre coffee so be kind.

My discussion points in no particular order.

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NSW win the Super W Title


Christina Sekona

Christina Sekona

Congratulations to the NSW women’s team on doing the exact opposite of what the men did. They won the competition undefeated beating the Qld 45 – 12 in Coffs.


NSW have been the dominant team throughout the competition winning all games quite comfortably. On a personal level I like the presidents XV concept it gives players who are at this level but from the stronger states an opportunity to play participate.


The Brumbies also beat the Rebels in what was a cracking game  10 – 8 decided in the last minute.


One has to feel disappointed for the Force who had to withdraw due to the border restrictions in WA.


What were these idiots doing

The Walking Dead

Hats off to RA, there I said it.

Dwayne Nestor and Mat Tink were the coaches of the Wallaroos

So naturally then they attended the SuperW carnival in Coffs last week to pick a Wallaroos team.

Whilst there, during the NSW vs ACT game, they were recorded describing some of the athletes in terms that would make a wharfie pub blush.

They were recorded whilst hooked-up to a players analysis platform called Hudl. When those same women players logged-on on Wednesday night to review their performance they got to listen to what they were being called by the national coaches they were trialling to impress. The NSW girls saw/heard it first. They clued in the ACT girls. naturally then all squads found out and everyone blew up.

They were both given the opportunity to resign which they did, some would say they should have been sacked and while I agree RA does not have a good record in the courts so this is the safer option. On a personal level whoever started this type of conversation is a fool and whoever allowed this type of behaviour to continue is not a leader in his personal or professional life. “The Standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

I am a big believer in the possibility for redemption but these two will find it very hard to come back from this.


British and Irish Lions off to a great start

Finn Russell gets a kick off.

Finn Russell gets a kick off.

The Lions beat the Lions. The British and Irish Lions beat the Sigma Lions by quite a lot on the weekend. I actually watched this game and it is not often you see a team in 56 to 14 and think that one team just cruised to victory.


The BI-Lions were well led around the park by Finn Russell who had all of the time and space that any flyhalf would want getting consistent front foot ball from a dominant pack. Josh Adams got 4 tries, the Sigma Lions were run off their feet by a fitter more physical and better drilled team.


I expect the South Africans to struggle against the BIL if they can execute at that level as they build into the tour.


Tonga 0 New Zealand 102


Firstly congratulations to New Zealand they played the team in front of them and beat the team in front of them.

This was a disgrace and while I am sure the proud Tongans who took part in the game were grateful for the opportunity a scratch team taking on the best performed team in professional sport is not what Rugby needs. Hopefully this is the catalyst for WR to take more action to support the international game. We need to give these teams a chance to compete by allowing players the chance to move from one team of eligibility to another once.

Covid has only made it worse with many players in the Tongan, Samoan and Fijian teams either opting out or not travelling due to lockdowns at both ends and who can blame them.


Like all things in rugby I am afirm believer that we all love the game just support different colours.

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