Former World Cup winning Wallaby and QLD Reds' Captain, ‘Slatts’, has been very busy (mostly hangin’ out in Far-Northern-Japan, singin’ Karaoke and drinkin’ Nihonshyu) since his retirement from the game in the late 1990’s. Always keen for a yarn, and an opinion or two, Slatts is rugby commentary’s best keep secret. Dashingly HANDSOME and very intelligent-he’s one for the ladies!

  • Wallabies
    Slatts says: we need a fully-functioning cheese fountain

    That's right, Aussie rugby is like a cheese fountain

  • 3rdtier
    Aussie Sevens’ golden future

    With the Rugby Championship sucking most of our attention at the moment, it’s easy for us all...

  • Slatts’ Shout: FARKEN PENALTIES!

    Slatts is back and he's not happy about these farken penalties!

  • Rugby
    Slatts’ Shout: Well, it’s All Black, people!

    Well, it’s All Black, people! Yep, the land of the long white sheep-shagger has taken out the 2011 search for TBJ. And well done, bros. If it’s not gunna be the Wallabies, then I’m happy it’s you guys. Honest. Honest I am. And what a bloody good final. Easily the best one...

  • Rugby
    Slatts’ shout: Wallabies, they go bye-bye!

    Wallabies, they go bye-bye! First up, congrats to the Kiwis. You guys thoroughly deserved the victory against the Wallabies. If it can’t be us, then, of course, we’re lookin’ faaaaa a southern hemi team to do the lap. Getting’ beaten by a better team, was, in the end of the day, what...

  • Rugby
    Bokke they go bye-bye

    Great weekend to be an Aussie! How good was it? It was ‘uckin’ good! Sing with me...

  • Rugby
    Slatts’ Shout: The Macca’s Index

    The Macca’s Search for TBJ Index gives us greater clarity and understanding in world rankings You know how there is a Macca’s in all the countries attending the search for TBJ. I bettchya you didn’t know that, or was even inclined to think about it. Well, that’s my special gift. Anyhoo, aren’t...

  • Rugby
    Slatts’ Shout: Make rugby morebetter!

    What is this search for TBJ all about? As we are halfway, or just a little bit...

  • Rugby
    Slatts’ shout: What an uggo!

    I cried, just a little bit, and other stuff! This is what I’ve been upta since Saturday night’s game: Howled at the moon; Finished a uni assignment; Dominated my nine-year-old son in beach touch footy; Burned and/or threw out anything lime/emerald green; Watched some AFL; Took a photo of my bare arse...

  • Rugby
    Slatts’ shout: Doin’ the first 6-pack

    The first setta games How good was the first week of the search for TBJ? Bloody, bloody awesome, let me tell you. Most teams showed positive intent, and we nearly had a few upsets. If G&GR wasn’t such an upmarket media channel, I’d say I have a chub on. As a RWC...

  • Slatts’ Shout: G’Day!

    G’day all! My role Crikey, guest columnist for G&GR? I laughed at the opportunity when I first put my name in the hat for consideration by the G&GR chiefs. Who would have thought a boy from Logan City (south of Brissie) could reach such a lofty position. I suppose if Kevin Rudd...