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  • Rugby
    Vote: G&GR Best Aussie Club Try April

    Here they are, the entrants for April’s Green & Gold Rugby Best Aussie Club Try in association...

  • Rugby
    Video: 2010 Australian Club Rugby Championship

    The 2010 Australian Club Rugby Championship was played in Brisbane last month between Brothers and Sydney University. ...

  • Rugby
    Stephen Larkham Tribute

    During the recent Wallaby of the Decade series plenty of readers dropped hints suggesting we put together a video...

  • Rugby
    The Statistics of the Grand Shame Tour

    The fact that the Wallabies didn’t bring home their own little slice of history was a grand shame.  However, as has been pointed out by a number of others, if they’d come back with a Grand Slam, it would have masked the fact that there’s still a lot of work to do...

  • Rugby
    Video Analysis: Attack v Wales

    What a difference a week makes! Against Scotland the Wallabies were running across field and throwing cut out passes to try and get around the defence.  Against Wales the attack was much more direct and effective. The really good thing about the attack this week was players working hard off the ball...

  • Rugby
    Video: The Magnificent Front Row

    It’s only two years since the Wallabies scrum was in tatters after the World Cup.  Coaches Foley and Noriega have done wonders since then to develop the Wallabies scrum into a weapon. Just as pleasing is the performance of the front row in general play

  • Rugby
    The Stats: Wallabies v Wales

    It’s been a little painful preparing statistics for the last two games against Ireland and Scotland because you need to watch and re-watch segments to confirm what happened.  Re-living the missed opposrtunities in both of those games was hard but it’s been a pleasure re-watching the Wales game. So many positives but still...

  • Rugby
    Video: Wallabies Attack v Scotland

    There’s been lot’s of discussion about what’s going wrong with the Wallabies attack.  This video looks at a few examples that, not surprisingly, confirms what has been said on this site over the last few days.

  • Rugby
    Video: “Meat and Drink” Kicking

    What to make of the Wallabies aimless kicking against Ireland? I’m not sure of the origins of...

  • Rugby
    Video Analysis: Wallabies Lineout v Ireland

    What’s happening with the Wallabies lineout and what can they do to fix it? As I watched...

  • Rugby
    Wallabies v Ireland – The Stats

    The statistics from the game against Ireland confirm some of the areas that need attention! Obviously the scrums were fantastic and it’s amazing that they are probably the strongest part of our game, given the shambles that existed only two years ago at the World Cup.  I credited the Wallabies with three...

  • England
    Stat review: England vs Wallabies

    Here’s a look at some of the key indicators from Saturday’s test at Twickenham Carries Carries Forwards Backs Total First half 26 27 53 Second half 25 30 55 Total 51 57 108

  • All Blacks
    Tokyo engine room analysis

    Stats always tell an interesting story, and here are a some key ones, together with a few points of analysis from Scotty who’s a regular poster in the forum.