Masters doing well for the community

Masters doing well for the community

The Rugby Masters rally together to promote mental health and wellbeing.

Australian Rugby is going through some tough times, From coronavirus to boardroom upheaval, we’re in desperate need of some good news.  Thankfully, the heroes of yesterday that still play Rugby down in Victoria have the pleasure to report a great initiative, a step to cement the bond between players of the game played in heaven.

At the end of the Dewar Shield season, the Victorian Masters stage an over 35 social championship in Melbourne.  Teams from across the country participate, with some great Rugby on display, albeit a little slower than the glory days.

Given the current lockdown, we’ve not seen the master’s out of the field in 2020.  But they’ve certainly been busy. As social isolation can negatively impact mental health, the group have coordinate the get together of a group called “The Over 35s Rugby Alliance” (or TORA).

From humble beginnings in the Melbourne Rugby community, TORA now includes members from all states in Australia.  The group has grown internally, with communities from Fiji and New Zealand now involved.  In just a few weeks, TORA now boasts a network over 4,000 players.

The goals of the over 35s Rugby Alliance are to grow the game of social rugby, to encourage health and wellbeing and to support the communities in every Australian state in New Zealand and in the Pacific Islands.

The support from each of the TORA members is key to reach this goal and the community spirit seen so far is overwhelming, every Over 35 association is engaged and firing on all cylinders to support their members in need in these tough times.

If you are dealing with your personal Mental Wellbeing, please contact Beyond Blue.


Diego Ghirardi is a rugby fanatic from Italy, living in Melbourne. Played on the wing, now mainly couch flanker or sideline halfback. Enjoys writing in broken English, which should be read in a Franco Cozzo accent to render it more original. In case you understand Italian, you can read his banters on or better not

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