The Dropped Kick-Off 38 – #HossOnThePod

The Dropped Kick-Off 38 – #HossOnThePod

You asked for it. The Wallabies season comes to an end with a thriller in Cardiff. Nick and Natho jump on to dissect the final game of the year, and, bowing to public pressure, are joined by the one and and only Hoss! #TheHossiesAwards

WARNING: moderate coarse language and other stuff. We take no responsibility for Hoss’ mouth cause you asked for it.

The Hot Topics

  1. Thoughts on the Wales-Wallabies game.
  2. Who was the standout player of this tour?
  3. Examination of the refereeing: is the current enforcement of the laws working?
  4. What do we rate Rennie’s first year out of 10?
  5. What is one thing the Wallabies need to work on going in 2022?
  6. Other standout moments of the weekend.
  7. The Hossies Awards

The Hossies:

  1. ‘Consider a Career Change Award’ or ‘The Scott Johnno’ Award – an award for underachievement or not understanding exactly what it is that person brings to the table
  2. Ponderosa Encouragement Award’ – an award for a player on the rise or early in their career and showing promise
  3. ‘Little Joe Award’ for that player who has Hoss like traits – whatever that may be (Little Joe was Hoss’s smaller brother on the show)
  4. ‘The Jaco Johan award for Referring Excellence’ – does exactly what it says on the tin
  5. The ‘Fats Where It’s At Award’ – an award for the big boppers showing their wares



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