The Dropped Kick-Off 25 – Knee’den Park

The Dropped Kick-Off 25 – Knee’den Park

Yep, two podcasts in one month, whoulda thought? Nick W, Jack and Nick H jump on to talk about the Bledisloe Cup, the Olympics Sevens performance, and the shitshow that is Rassiegate.

WARNING: mild coarse language

1. How do we feel about the Bledisloe?
2. Quade coming back – what does it mean?
3. Tokyo Sevens – why are we so shit and how are Fiji so so good
4. Lions Series- what are thoughts on the series and on Rassiegate?
5. What other rugby has caught our attention this month?


Die-hard Brumbies/Country Eagles fan now based in Sydney. Author, anthropologist, musician, second rower. Still trying to make sense of the 21st century. Dropped a debut novel last year...

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