The Dropped Kick-Off 23 – Sugar High (Q&A VI)

The Dropped Kick-Off 23 – Sugar High (Q&A VI)

The Dropped Kick-Off is back for another week of audience Q&A, as Nick, Natho and Jack sit down  to answer your Twitter questions and discuss the hot topics in Aussie rugby, including the Super Rugby AU Grand Final, looking ahead to the Trans-Tasman competition, and talk a new sweet-tooth sponsorship.

The Hot Topics

  • Nick – The final: what stood out for us?
  • Huw Tindall – Keep the AU comp next year or go back to full TT round robin home/away?
  • Rugby Fixation Podcast – Following the success of Super Rugby AU, how important is it for the Aus sides to pick up ~2 wins a week to show we can mix it with the best? Does it undo hard work if they can’t accumulate wins?
  • Nick – Wallabies sponsorship. What’s the best chocolate pun you can come up with?
  • Waterboy – Should the Tahs give Matt Damon a jersey for next season? Did alright in Invictus.



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