The 2016 Giffies

The 2016 Giffies

If you’ve been waiting 12 months to find out who’s gonna pick up the “Huge Islander Statuette” for Biggest Hit, or the Papworth-Pulver Poisoned Chalice for Best Teamwork, wait no more. Welcome to the 2016 Giffies, where Green & Gold Rugby picks out the best rugby gifs of the year and then sorts them under funny, made-up award names.


1. The AFL Pat On The Back For The Advancement Of Women’s Sport

for  best women’s sporting team in the whole wide world


2. The Matt Dunning Golden Ale Beer Belly

for  best running fat man

3. The Stephen Moore Head O’ Hair

for  Best Lineout Move


4. The Best Falcon and The Best T-1000 Impersonation Award

(Dual Winner)

5. The Papworth-Pulver Poisoned Cup

for  Best Teamwork (watch the front pod)


6. The Silver-lined, All Black Chip On The Shoulder

for  Best Intentional “Accidental” Tactically Advantageous Position On The Wrong Side Of The Ruck

7. The Jaco Peyper Memorial Award

for  Best Referee


8. The Huge Islander Statuette

for  Biggest Boomfa

9. The Trump Cup

for  Biggest Dummy


10. The Golden Kanye West

for  Most Misunderstood Genius

11. The Queenslander Award

for  Most Perplexing Grudge


12. The Paulie Walnuts Memorial Plaque

for  Most Intimidating Italian

13. The James O’Connor Golden Shoe

for  Worst Kick


14. The Missing Neuron

for  Worst Brain Snap


Hopes to play David Pocock in the inevitable biopic. Lifelong fan of whoever Jarrad Hayne is currently playing for.

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