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  • England
    Cook Cup musings: Wallabies v. England pre-match analysis

    More detail behind what the Wallabies will be coming up against versus the Poms

  • Rugby
    G&GR Wallaby Tries of the Decade #5

    Coming up with a list of the top tries of the decade was a tough one. What makes one try stand out from another? Is it individual brilliance we are gauging it on, or is it whole of team involvement? Rehearsed tries from a set piece or instinctive brilliance? Does a try...

  • Rugby
    All Blacks vs Barbarians Live Score

    Final Score: Baabaas 25 – All Blacks 18

  • Rugby
    G&GR Wallaby Player of the Year: Spring Tour

    And so the year has drawn to a close.  The Spring Tour has been a disapointing expedition...

  • British & Irish Lions
    Ullo Jonny! Gotta new motor?

    Alexei Sayle sings: “I keep tropical fish, in my underpants. Ullo Jonny! Gotta new motor? Ullo Jonny! Gotta new motor”. Leave it out! Jonny Wilkinson ain’t got a new motor. He’s got a reconditioned motor temporarily minus an Ian Beale warranty. It’s the sort of deal Arfur Daley would approve of, although Arfur would front up with...

  • Rugby
    Pre-Grand Slam XV – The Amateur Selector

    I am what you might call an amateur selector. One of my favourite hobbies is picking Rugby...

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    Wallaby Watch – Tight Head Prop

    The incumbent(s): Al Baxter (NSW): Ok, disregard the penalty try that Australia let in, during the last test of last year against Wales, the scrum was a much improved element of Australia’s game in 2008. Thanks largely to Michael Foley, then Wallaby assistant coach and now Waratah assistant coach. Whether it has...