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    IRB 2011 Rugby Year Book Winners.

    Last week we had a caption competition for a picture of Robbie Deans chatting to Ben McCalman....

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    Win a copy of the IRB World Rugby Yearbook 2011

    The IRB World Rugby Yearbook is an attempt to replicate the wonders that is the little yellow bible of cricket – Wisden. Where it falls short is tradition (Wisden has been produced annually since 1864) and the fact that most rugby supporters aren’t the ‘train spotters’ that cricket supporters are. ¬†Cricket is...

  • ELV insanity

    by Moses There’s been many law changes to the game of Rugby Union since Bill ran with the soccer ball in 1823. These changes have passed with mixed reactions, but nothing like the farce that is the current ELV debacle. I’ve now come to realise that it’s not so much “The ELV’s”...

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    9 guys walk into a judging panel…..

    So the IRB 2008 player of the year nominations are in. Have a look at the names...

  • The Plan lives

    an update from Moses The path to glory hasn’t changed, we still need to beat the disenvowelled twice.. So far:Cook Cup: TickMandella Plate: Tick Current RankingsNZL 91.21Aus 86.52 BrisbaneIf aus win by 1-15 pointsAus 87.69NZL 90.04 Tri Nations: Tick HonkersIf aus win by 1-15 pointsAus 88.92NZL 88.19 Bledisloe: TickNumber 1 Ranking: Tick.

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    Path to glory – a plan emerges

    Like any kid who grew up watching the A-Team, apart from knowing how to assemble a cabbage firing cannon from spare parts in a barn, you also know that it’s important to have a plan. And so, with the help of 5 Cray super computers networked together and Moses doing all the...

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    Australia IRB World Ranking – moving in the right direction

    As a result of the win on Saturday, the Wallabies regained the second spot on the IRB...