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Reds vs Chiefs live score

Reds vs Chiefs live score
"I can do this without looking"

"I can do this without looking"



Full time

A fine night in Brizzie tonight after a few showers earlier today.  Both teams are as program.

This will be a cracker, after the Blues losing last night the Chiefs can take the title of the best NZ team with a win while the Reds have to win to stay in touch with the increasing number of teams around the 17 point mark

Pre-match Reds Coach Phil Mooney suggesting the Reds will try and make the most of their revamped forward pack and play a bit tighter

Reds kick off and regain Reds on attack

Short arm to Reds and Quade has a dash, bashing in under Chiefs sticks but Turnover and clearance to the 22 for the Chiefs,,.. good start by Reds

3 min Reds hammering away, Chiefs give away penalty under pressure.  Lots of forward drives from the Reds.  Backs looking good when they get the ball

Off the upright and Chiefs clear

4 mins Reds straight back into attack with some good stuff from Diggers, Connor picks and drives from 3 mtr out but loses the ball, why is the smallest man on the field doing the work of the pigges

6 mins Its all Reds, Chiefs away from turnvoer and TRY to Donald

To easy from a turnover from the ruck, basically the first touch of the ball and the Chiefs are in front Quick hands wide and Donald hot foots it to the try line out wide

Misses conversion

Chiefs 5 Reds nil

9 min Mungo knocks on fron easy kick. Chiefs scrum 22 out

10 min TRY S’vatu Leonard goes blind side from scrum, quick ball and cross field kick, nice passing from Mils and S’vatu steps around 3 Reds to score

Donald converts

Chiefs 12 Reds 0

11 mins Chiefs cut the Reds apart again Lauaki burns Leroy and puts away S’vatu who scores in the corner

12 mins Touchie says he went into touch when he didn’t astounding decision

13 mins Chiefs are white hot toinght!!!

14 mins TRY Chiefs, a forward pass to S’vatu but justice is served after the earlier shit call.

The Reds are punchdrunk

Doanld adds the extras from in front

Chiefs 19 Reds 0

16  min S’vatu off with a wrist injury.

17 mins Sweeney takes out Connor in the air without the ball and he gets sin binned.  He’s only be on for about 1 min

Reds lineout from penalty 22 out

18 mins Reds TRY drive from the lineout, good work from the forwards and Hardman gets the ball over.  The Reds needed that

Barnes converts

Chiefs 19 Reds 7

20 min The Chiefs are still hard on attack after Reds luck to snuff out blind side attacking raid Chiefs scrum 40 out

21 short arm to Chiefs, a scrum mid field still 40 out

22 min Chiefs backrow move comes undone and Reds clear, Kahui sends it back and Reds lineout on half way

23 mins Chiefs away again, its too easy, Reds missing tackles all over the place.  Chiefs stretching the Reds defence from one side of the field to the other, break down the sideline thru the forwards. Penalty to Chiefs Reds offside

PENALTY Donald converts

Chiefs 22 Reds 7

26 min Mils knocks on from kickoff Reds scrum 22 out near sideline

27 min Diggers opens them up in midfield the Reds recycle and go wide again

28 min TRY Barnes quick ball from ruck and simple draw and pass to Barnes

This is like touch footabll, not much tackling but great to watch

Barnes misses conversion

Chiefs 22 Reds 12

29 min Chiefs attack after another poor midfield kick, the Reds are kicking badly tonight, Reds foul and Chief penalty 35 mtr out to right of posts

PENALTY to Donald Chiefs 25 Reds 12

31 min Chiefs short arm 27mtr out, option for scrum watch Lauaki from here

32 mins Lenoard away from scrum thru a wet lettuce tackle from Quade but the Chiefs blow with a knock on

33 min Reds kick the ball back to the Chiefs and the Chiefs open them up agian in mid field reds managed to get the ball and clear

35 mins TRY Chief, Donald goes one way and kicks the other to Mils who only had to beat Madness in a foot race and he scores 15 mtrs in from touch

Donald misses kick – thats a bonus points before halftime

Chiefs 30 Reds 12

38 mins The Reds are not in this, the Chiefs doing as they please, the Reds have a scrum on half way, they need a score before half time…PLEASE!!!!

39 TRY – but to the wrong team! The Chiefs score thru sweeny after Quade got thru a gap and threw a pass to Callum Bruce.  The Chiefs went wide straight away and Sweeny stood up Madness and scooted to the line

Donald converts

Chiefs 37 Reds 12

Half time – thank god for that!!!

If anything the Chiefs have taken a step up from last week, they are just so red hot.  It’s men against boys.  The Chiefs backrow is pantsing the Reds.  The Reds are not helping buy playing loose rugby and not putting thier kicks into touch.

Every turnover by the Reds is being punished, the Reds aren’t tackling well but that is because the ball movement of the Chiefs is not allowing them to get set.

The Chiefs are awesome.  They totally deserve to be in front as they are winning every part of the game.

The Reds need to put Diggers back to the wing and ditch Connor who is not having a happy time of it.  Bring on Fetoai at least he can tackle and time for McKibbin to look after Leonard.  Lucas does not look fit

Marto was just in the press box – he is going to have a heart attack, such language – no wonder no-one voted for him last week in the Qld election!!

Red make plenty of changes at half time, MiKibbin on, Fetoai on,

42 mins Reds open up with plenty of verve, but it comes to nothing, Hardman knocks on will seagulling.  Chiefs scrum on thier own 22

Chiefs win scrum and kick to Reds who put it back into the Chiefs 22, Chiefs lineout and go to the air Reds attack again and looking a bit better – touchie on

44 min Kahui shoulder charge on Barnes – penalty on half way, Reds kick to attacking lineout on the 22

46 min Reds building pressure but Chiefs equal to it Chiefs lineout 5 out shit clearing kick and Reds l/o 15 mtr out

47 min Reds hammering the line thru the forwards, go wide from slow ball Fetoai kicks thru and Diggers nearly grounds it.  When the Reds keep the ball tight they look good

48 min Mungo smashed by Kahui and turns ball over, he then has to run back and cover the ball in the in goal.  Chiefs go wide from the kick return and get a penalty which Donald  knocks over

Chiefs 40 Reds 12

50 mins From the kickoff chiefs away Masaga tackled into touch

This game is quick fire, the Reds aren’t in this one.  Not being allowed to play any rugby by the Chiefs

53 mins Reds scrum on half way after a ruck infringement Davies break in midfield (there is only one Rodney Davies!) get pulled down by Masaga

55 TRY Reds Mungo under the posts after strong leadup work

McKibbin adds the extras

Chiefs 40 Reds 19

57 mins The comeback is short lived as the Chiefs dominating again late tackles by Big Kev on Lauaki and penalty given 30 mtr out to the left of the posts

PENALTY goal Donald

S Faingaa on for Hardmand and Higgers on for Big Kev

Chiefs 43 Reds 19

59 mins Mungo drops another high ball and the Chiefs scrum 46 out from Reds line

62 min Game getting really scrappy, which suits the Chiefs.  Knock on by the Reds and chiefs scrum again 40 out – they go wide

63 min penalty as Faainga gives away ruck penalty, Chiefs miss shot at goal.  They have shut up shop the Chiefs

65 mins The Chiefs controlling the ball with ease, Leroy puts a good tackle on Latimer.  About the only tackle the Reds have made all night

Luafutu on for Leroy and A Faainga on for Fetoai off with blood.

67 mins Chiefs attacking lineout 7 out  but they turnn the ball over

69 min Reds trying to pick up the pace and play some decent rugby but the Chiefs are all over them.

Lenoard off Morland on

69 mins Kahui cuts the Reds apart and gives it to Morland steams for the line but is bought down by Higgers,

70 mins TRY Chiefs, another turnover from the Reds and the Chiefs do the simple thing and shift the ball wide and Mils goes over under the post

Delany add the extras and the Chiefs raise the bat for the 50

Chiefs 50 Reds 19

73 mins The Reds have a go fromt thier own goal line and open up the the Chiefs, Rodney Davies chips through and the ball just goes into touch

74 min TRY reds, an over throw from the lineout and Braid falls over from 5 m out

McKibbin kicks it

reds get a bonus point at least

Chiefs 50 Reds 26

77 mins Chiefs forward pass, Reds scrum on half way

78 min The Reds blow and attacking chance, end up on thier own 35 after a scrum on 20 out from the Chiefs line!!!

Full Time – The Reds are finally out of thier misery

The Chiefs are without doubt playing the best rugby in the comp.  Thier backrow won the game, so many turnovers that allow for the Chiefs to get the ball wide and score points.  Two weeks in a row they have rattled up BIG scores – their average will rival Bradman’s if they keep playing like this, and, with the Lions and Cheetahs as their next two games there is every chance they might.

While the Chiefs are scoring lots of points they are still giving a fair few away – not a big problem when you score over 50 points two weeks in a row

The Reds, well I guess what could they really do, thier defence was awful but that is more down to the way the Chiefs move the ball around and don’t allow for opposition teams to get their line set.  There is not a team on the planet that could beat the Chiefs at the moment so I guess they just have to take their medicine and harden up.

S’vatu has a slight dislocation of the shoulder apparently

What is it about the bye and shit performances from the next game….

What the Coaches said

Ian Foster

“The Reds started well and you could see pretty clearly how they wanted to play us, but we got a good ruck turnover and went from there.  We work hard on what we do with the ball in those situations and that and the next couple of tries seemed to break their back a little bit”

“The Reds were physical at us and had us on the ropes on occasions but we were really impressive the way we took our opportunites more than any brittleness from the the Reds.  We were concerned about the yardage they were getting agaisnt us.  We looking very confident when we get opportunites and the scores seem to mount very quickly”

About the defensive frailties of the Chiefs

“It’s about the type of game you want to watch and want to play.We like playing it fast and open and does this make us vunerable, yes it does.  We rely on the fact we can score more than them”

Phil Mooney

“They were outstanding, they scored three tries in 12 mins.  The put us under alot of pressure at the breakdown and we started pushing passes that weren’t on.  There are the best team in the competition when they get that broken field turnover and the best team we’ve played against”

“The intention was to kick the ball out and not give them the opportunites but we couldn’t seem to do and they certainly exposed it”

“We new from the start when we pick young guys (winger Connor and Davies) there’s the potential they can get shown up in areas of the game but everyone has to start somewhere, but tonight they were exposed by a very good side.  There is some boys in our dressing room that learnt some things tonight”

Injury Update

Lucas has re-hurt his ribs

S’vatu seems to have partially dislocated his shoulder

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