Blues vs Waratahs Live Blog

Blues vs Waratahs Live Blog

Blues vs Waratahs (03/27/2009) 
Welcome to my live coverage of Blues vs Waratahs from Auckland.

It’s 14 minutes in and the Tahs are up, 10 – 0

15:00 – Blues win a lineout in the Tahs half, several phases and they’re at the Tahs 22 when Burgess makes the turnover
Burgess runs it, gets turned over, Blues 5 metres out now, several attacking phases and Will Caldwell turns it over 2 metres from our line – Blues holding on.
Booted downtown from the short arm, Blues run it, turnover on halfway and Tahs ball again. Turned back over, Blues scrum. Out to the wing and Tuitavake paces down the wing and scores in the corner.
Gopperth pushes it to the left, 10-5 to the Tahs.
Isaia Toeava seems to have hurt his leg, they’re just passing over him at the moment but expect him subbed soon
20:00 – SNK restarts deep into Blues territory and they run it.

Waugh punching on with Isaia Toeava, just a bit of argy bargy.. Phil’s giving him words though. Now they’re mates again, Isaia rubs Phils head and we’re all friends again

Ref penalises Jerome Kaino for inflaming the situation

Hangers to kick from 48 metres on the angle, didn’t quite get it, 10-5 to the mighty Tahs, and I’m getting a beer :)
Blues running everything, turned over by Burgess on thier 22, then Blues turn it over again after 2 phases. Blues get into our half and attacking kick goes into Tahs goal, SNK grounds under no pressure
23:00 Ali Williams can’t walk on his ankle, he’s subbed for the game. Funny, SNK kicks the restart straight to the retreating Williams. Tahs turn it over through Turnover, Tahs all over the breakdown.
SNK boots downdown, Williams still on due to hte quick restart by the Tahs. Gopperth kicks into Tahs 22. Hangers puts up the bomb but fails to regain
Blues 9 puts the grubber through, Paul Willaims (15) big run and just 5m out from Tahs line, another Blue picks up and scores but the refs’ called em back!!! Offside by the Blues. Now we’re back in their half.

Anthony Boric on for Ali Williams

Tahs TIGHTHEAD, Burgess intercept and he runs away and is in for the try!!!
15-5 to the mighty Tahs, kick to come.
Think I just jizzed in my pants
Hangers does the Zoolander look then slots it from the sideline, 17-5 to the Tahs.
Blues put in a great kick deep into the Tahs corner. SNK field then steps very well, then does some stupid chip kick to Toeava.

Shoft orm to Blues, and they win their scrum albeit a mess. Palu down for deliberate knock down while on the grown. Penalised and YELLOW CARD! Damn that’s not so good, even the kiwi commentators reckon that was harsh.

Gopperth converts, 17-8 to the Tahs.
Palu hand still plastered up pretty good. His sin bin will go 3 minutes into the second half.
34:00 – Massive hit on Mealamu by Caldwell, Blues Kick, Lote kicks. Blues kick, Tuqiri penalised for holding on to the chaser, Ref gives hima warming through Waugh.
34:40 – Blues lineout inside Tahs 22. Boric wins it, Blues drive through a maul. Tahs pull it down. nice.

Pick and drives, Blues move it ot the right win, move is shut down. TURNED OVER, hands from Phil Waugh.

36:00 – Blues take the quick tap, 5 metres out. Blues 9 loses it in contact, Tahs scrum. Still, extra man to the Blues but it hasn’t cost us yet.
37:30 – Tahs win scrum with 7 blokes, Burgess runs it and is almost turned over. Bennnn is playing halfback under huge pressure, 5 Blues runners and Benn clears it to SNK who boots it miles, but big angle as he’s blocked by the posts.
Blues lineout, Tahs steal!!
Lachie Turner kicks it back to halfway, Rocococo runs it, Gopperth kicks it out near Tahs 10 metre.
39:30 – TPN’s throw is not straight, Blues scrum in our 22 right on halftime.
Goes to ground, ball out, and Blues are attacking, 4th phase and out at the wing, 5 metres now, Tahs defence is awesome, Lachie Turner intercepts and will score at the other end… but Craig Joubert decides he was offside. Rough call, Lachie was onside there.

Blues miss the kick, Tahs regain, clear and SNK boots it into touch.

Tahs 17
Blues 8

and we’re back. Tahs up on the scoreboard, get Palu back in 3 minutes and dominating the scrums and rucks. Burgess player of the first half.

Game on, Tahs to kick.

Palu’s back on, thought he had another 3 minutes to go. Happy he’s back.
Gopperth kciks it back to halfway, Blues regain. Rockococo tries to run through TUrner but Lachie makes him his bitch
[Comment From gagger]
Lakky defo onside
Burgo in from some quad loving from Sharon, corked thigh perhaps.
Yeah, it was a dead leg he got from Blues 15 in the air going for the ball.

Burgess limps off, Brett Sheehan on for him now.
Funny, Palu’s on but the score box still shows a yellow card.
Full arm penalty to the Tahs, we spread it wide and Turner is off to score again… but he’s not playing advantage
Tahs Missed a few minutes there, Blues Onosai’i Auva’a just scored, he was tackled and didn’t get back to his feet, but it’s been awarded
Score’s not on the screen, but I’m guessing it’s 17-15 to the Tahs
52:15 – yep it’s 17-15. Blues running back to halfway through Big Joe. Kciking game again, Tahs get a good gain, Tahs lineout in Blues half. Tuqiri with his big boot eh?
54:40 – Tahs win the lineout, Sheehan runs, short arm for Blues not rolling away.
Quick tap, Caldwell was just described as a veteran, guess he is now.

Palu making metres, on the 22 now.Sheehan makes a run, Palu again, good metres.

Hands on the ground, Tahs opt for the scrum 10 metres out.
Tahs win scrum, lose ball, regain, Waugh puts in the grubber, intercepted by Blues foot who kicks it out 5 metres from Blues line. Attacking lineout here.
Lachie Turner off for Timana Tahu
Maul, Drive, TRY to Tatafu Polota-Nau!!!!!
Hangers Kicks, 24-15
Tense moment there, Blues kick is touched by a Tah which puts the Blues onside. SNK does well, back on halfway now
Tahs attacking, back into Blues half now. Tahu looking good so far.. as soon as I type that he gets turned over :(
50:00 – Carter done for Offside. Blues lineout on

Joe Rokocoko is subbed off, and I only just learnt how to spell his name :(

Tahs attacking, lose it, regain it!
we’re on thier 22 now. Huge drive out in the side from Blues 6. how bout a yellow sir?
[Comment From Blue BOo]
suppose it was on the 22, any closer and it would have been I guess, just stupid.

Hangers kicks it again, 27-15. Bugger me even if Kurtley comes back I reckon we stick Hangers at 12/15 to kick for poles.


and coveritlive is working again.

Blues just scored, 27-22 to the Tahs


Hangers puts ina great kick, blues lineout 10m from thier line


70:40 – 5 points in it, great game so far, Craig Joubert needs an uppercut though.

Blues win lineoiut, bomb, SNK spills it, RUN IT, through all thier hands, into Tahs 22, shortarm to the Tahs for diving into the ruck.


Blues lineout on halfway now. they win it, spread it wide. grubber kick finds touch in 22, Tahs to throw a defensive lineout now.


73:00 – Blues don’t compete in the lineout, dumbasses.Tahs knock it on!

Blues scrum in our 22, bugger me this is tense..


74:00 – Big scrum from Tahs, now he’s talking to blues 9 to put it in sooner.

Tahs smash em again in the second scrum. now he’s bringing the front rows closer.


Blues win solid scrum, TURNOVER!!!

SNK clears, we’re back at the 10m from halfway line !!! Go Tahs!!!!!!!


Tahs get lineoue but Blues punce on the thrown down ball.

Tuitavake stepping everywhare. Tahs defence good, HOLDING ON!!!!!!


Tahs shortarm on our 22, nice ;)

77:20 – Massive kick from Hangers, thoguht the blues threw that out, TJ disagrees.


Blues kick SNK kicks back. Blues running now, TPN gains it on halfway. 78 mins now. Sheehan kicks it almost to 22


Gopperth kicks it out, 78:30, Tuqiri lets it go to a lineout, Tahs don’t appear ina hurry for some reason.

27-25. Tahs lineout. 79 mins.

Boric takes Caldwell in the air,FULL ARM to hte Tahs.

S l o w i t d o w n


Think Phil has cramp, may need some water, go down now…


Tahs win lineout, SIREN

Sheehan clears.



27-22 full time, Burgo was awesome, TPN very good in the loose, Benn solid again


Tahs Scrum a highlight. Blues didn’t even compete in the lineout, at the end of the match when it’s the last throw of the dice, I really don’t understand that…..


Lachie’s dissallowed try would have given us the bonus point, still a win’s a win. Nice

[Comment From gagger]


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