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Queensland Schoolboys Trials start this week!

Queensland Schoolboys Trials start this week!

Queensland’s best schoolboy rugby talent will be on show this week when the 2012 Volvo QRFSU Open Schoolboy Trials kick off at Ballymore on Thursday, 21 June.

The trials feature representative teams from the Greater Public Schools, Associated Independent Colleges and Combined Secondary Schools regions and are run over the course of Thursday, Friday 22 June and Sunday 24 June. The opening match of the trials pit AIC 2 against GPS 3 and kicks off at 3:30pm on the Thursday; while the highly anticipated annual grudge match between GPS 1 and AIC 1 is played on Friday night at 7:15pm.

Three GPS and two AIC teams have been chosen from their respective schoolboy competitions, while the two CSS squads were chosen recently at the Volvo QRFSU 18 Years State Championships, held on the Gold Coast and won by Northern. A Chairman’s XV will also feature in the trials and was selected from nominations taken from all three associations.

At the conclusion of the trials two Queensland teams will be selected and announced to compete in the Australian Schoolboy Championships at St. Ignatius College, Riverview in Sydney from 2 to 8 July. For 2012, Queensland One will be coached by Carl Marshall from the Brisbane Grammar School and Queensland Two will be coached by John Rauch from Cathedral School (Townsville).

Volvo QRFSU Open Schoolboy Trials Draw

Thursday 21 June

3:30pm – AIC 2 v GPS 3
4:45pm – CSS 2 v Chairman’s XV
6:00pm – GPS 2 v AIC 1
7:15pm – GPS 1 v CSS 1

Friday 22 June

3:30pm – AIC 2 v Chairman’s XV
4:45pm – GPS 3 v CSS 2
6:00pm – GPS 2 v CSS 1
7:15pm – GPS 1 v AIC 1

Sunday 24 June

9:00am – AIC 2 v CSS 2
10:00am – AIC 1 v CSS 1
11:00am – GPS 1 v GPS 2

1. A. Pleash (IGS)1. B. Tarr (TSS)1. L. Harlow (GT)
2. F. Postal (NC)2. A. Mafi (NC)2. C. Blackhurst (BGS)
3. D. Sikimeti (NC)3. G. Wessels (NC)3. L. Takau (IGS)
4. P. Potgieter (TGS)4. J. Cornelson (BGS)4. D. Preen (IGS)
5. D. Findlay-Hennaway (TSS)5. A. Korcyzc (BSHS)5. A. Stevens (TGS)
6. M. Gunn (ACGS)6. L. Papworth (TSS)6. A. Minenko (TGS)
7. B. Hood (BBC)7. H. Fitzgerald (NC)7. S. Bougoure (TGS)
8. L. Fakaosilea (BBC)8. L. Oppenheimer (ACGS)8. E. Tuifao (NC)
9. A. Deck (TGS)9. V. Quigley (ACGS)9. James Tuttle (NC)
10. D. Eason (ACGS)10. J. Dalgliesh (GT)10. M. Third (TSS)
11. M. Ioane (ACGS)11. B. Collins (BBC)11. L. Radford (BGS)
12. Jack Tuttle (NC)12. B. Hartley TGS)12. L. Tibbits (BSHS)
13. N. Tanuvasa (ACGS)13. M. Tela (IGS)13. C. Quick (BBC)
14. N. Fielea (TSS)14. G. Kalell (BBC)14. V. Cooney (TSS)
15. S. Greene (BGS)15. T. Banks (BBC)15. J. Boyer (BBC)
16. A. Stewart (TGS)
17. T. Mellor (GT)
18. M. Vanzati (TGS)
19. J. Kendall (BSHS)
20. D. MacMillan (ACGS)
21. P. Ivey (TGS)
22. P. James (NC)
23. L. Hayes (IGS)
24. J. Heenan (GT)
25. T. Given (GT)

1. Garrath Ryan (PAD)1. Alex Hatzis (SLC)
2. Andrew Manu (SEC)2. Shaun Laurie (SPLC)
3. Aaron Sorridimi (VILL)3. Patrick Anderson (IONA)
4. Lachlan Roe (SEC)4. Andrew Neil (SPLC)
5. Josh Tregenza (ASH)5. Sam Butterworth (SLC)
6. Nicholas Richards (ASH)6. James Treby (VILL)
7. Sam Clarke (ASH)7. Lachlan Grey (SPLC)
8. Jordan Perese (SEC)8. Jacob Lecinski (SPLC)
9. James Briskie (PAD)9. Tom Schatz (SEC)
10. Jordan Tkatchenko (SPLC)10. Cameron Knox (ASH)
11. William Duma (SPLC)11. Damian Kukulies (SEC)
12. Kyle Blackman (SEC)12. Naryhl Bennett (SPLC)
13. Rory Humphries (SEC)13. Tevita Maka (ASH)
14. Nathan Bassani (ASH)14. Tom Delany (VILL)
15. Wilson Bennett (SEC)15. Josh McKersey (IONA)
16. Jacob Davis (SPC)
17. Ben Hicks (ASH)
18. Carter Ozanne (IONA)
19. Matthew Burke (IONA)
20. Tom Richter (PAD)
21. Jack Holt (IONA)
22. Darcy Meehan (ASH)
23. Matthew Scott (IONA)
24. Braden Torpy (VILL)
25. Ruben Sullivan (SPC)

Combined 2ndry Schools 1 Chairman's XV
Max Allen (Siena, Sun Coast)Johanson, Jack (AIC, IONA)
Jeremy Beaumont (Marymount, South Coast)Loukaris, Dimitri (GPS, BSHS)
Jackson Briskey (Pittsworth SHS, Darling Downs)Anae, Daniel (GPS, Nudgee)
Tylor Bunting (Pacific Pines SHS, South Coast)Fox, Harley (AIC, St Edmunds)
Brandon Clews (Sun Coast Grammar, Sun Coast)Yossi Vagg (CSS, Downlands)
Nathan Cooper (Meridan State College, Sun Coast)Georgiou, Seb (GPS, ACGS)
James Dempsey (Downlands, Darling Downs)Rodwell, Jayden (GPS, Nudgee)
Doug Faa'au (Redbank Plains SHS, Met West)Drew, Tom (AIC, St Patricks)
Shanan Goodman (Sun Coast Grammar, Sun Coast)Dyring, Mikey (GPS, BBC)
Matt Gough (Downlands, Darling Downs)Dillon, Liam (CSS, Townsville Grammar)
Gus Grobler (Atherton SHS, Peninsula)Balshaw, Tim (AIC, St Peters Lutheran)
Nathan Harr (Sun Coast Grammar, Sun Coast)Pereira, Antoine (GPS, BSHS)
Tyler Harris (Helensvale SHS, South Coast)Ualese, Sitivi (CSS, Kedron SHS)
Sam Hicks (St Columbans, Sun Coast)Nerdal-Busell, Luke (CSS, Centenary SHS)
Bradley Horne (Sandgate SHS, Met North)Placid, Jonah (GPS, Toowomba Grammar)
Jordan Hughes (All Saints Anglican, South Coast)Clifton, Sam (GPS, The Southport School)
Tyron Jones (Pacific Pines SHS, South Coast)Richards, Sam (AIC, St Laurences)
Tyler Kurtz (Ormiston, Met East)French, Isaac (GPS, Gregory Terrace)
David Leapai (Marsden SHS, Met East)Fitisemanu, Vai (GPS, BSHS)
Harry Littleton (Downlands, Darling Downs)Hamilton, Jack (AIC, St Patricks)
Tim Manns (Downlands, Darling Downs)Gauder, Adam (GPS, The Southport School)
Harry Masters (Sun Coast Grammar, Sun Coast)Hillsden, James (AIC, Villanova)
Blair Morgan (Ignatius Park, Northern)
Seb Murphy (Somerset College, South Coast)
Jarvis Nolan (Kirwan SHS, Northern)
Nezler Paane-Taufa (Marsden SHS, Met East)
Sam Pau (Trinity Bay SHS, Peninsula)
Jack Payne (St Columbans, Sun Coast)
Kurt Perry (Burdekin Catholic College, Northern)
Doug Rayment (Cathedral School, Northern)
Nicky Sam (St Augustines, Peninsula)
Shevell Samia (Pacific Pines SHS, South Coast)
Callum Smith (Blackheath Thornburgh, Northern)
Matt Tauiala (Marsden SHS, Met East)
Billy Thompson (Downlands, Darling Downs)
Junior Tuifao (Marsden SHS, Met East)
Jo Wrampling (Kingston SHS, Met East)
ZacZropf (Sun Coast Grammar, Sun Coast)

If you get along to the trials, make sure you come back and let us know who played well.


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