Podcast 313 – Hocock (2019 Rugby World Cup Week One)

Podcast 313 – Hocock (2019 Rugby World Cup Week One)

The preparation is over, the umming and ahhhing, chopping and changing, the hooting and hollaring, whatever you wanna call it, it’s over… it’s Rugby World Cup time.

In the first of our special GAGR podcasts covering the World Cup, Matt, Hugh and podcast debutant Nick Pfitzner delve into the Wallabies victory over Fiji, what we need to do for the match up against Wales, and all the other games from around the first week of the World Cup. Comes with plenty of ranting about the refereeing.

Rugby World Cup Week One Agenda:

1. Rate that performance out of 10 against Fiji.
2. Who was your man of the match?
3. The Hodge hit- play on, penalty, yellow or red?
4. Changes for the Wales game?
5. What caught your eye in the other games?


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