Podcast 302 – The Season Eulogy

Podcast 302 – The Season Eulogy

We’ve got one last podcast in us for the year. After a season characterised by one disaster after another, Rugby Reg, Matt and Hugh come together to talk about the result against England, where the Wallabies go from here, and more.

Warning – occasional mild coarse language

The Five Burning Questions:

1. What the hell did we take away from that loss?
2. Is there any way the Wallabies can turn it around?
3. Is it time to blow up the whole thing and start again?
4. What are the positives from this season?
5. What is there to look forward to over the off season?


Die-hard Brumbies/Country Eagles fan now based in Sydney. Author, anthropologist, musician, second rower. Still trying to make sense of the 21st century. Dropped a debut novel last year...

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