G&GR 2010 Awards

G&GR 2010 Awards


Blogger of the Year – Austin
The guy who takes the top gong this year has put in an amount and level of work that is simply breath-taking.

  • He (pretty much) single handedly captured the full stats for the 2010 Tri-Nations and compiled them into fantastic reports and analysis
  • He’s used his first class video analysis abilities to show everything from where Gits’ kicking is going wrong, to how the Aussie backline can go right
  • He came up with the Best Aussie Club Try idea, and then did the lion share of the hard slog in running it

Hon Mention: RugbyReg. A guy who’s knowledge of all things historical in Aussie rugby is nothing short of encyclopaedic. His review of the Aussie players of the decade was so good we turned it into a book (you can download it here) and it single-handedly kept us afloat over the 2009 new year period.

Reader of the year – Robson
His comments are like blog posts and he’s a Kiwi who’s seen the light and follows the Wallabies. Oughta be sainted!

The Man of the People Award – Lance Free
This award recognises the true Aussie battler. The guy who’s there for the team announcements, news flashes and heart felt pulse of the rugby nation. Without him, there’d be weeds

Rookie of the year – Brumby Jack
Has established the nations capital as another G&GR base and become an investigative reporter bar none with his coverage of the Giteau hearing as an example
Hon mention: Mr Timms. A very close contender with his help around the traps and recent form with super quick match reports like this

Best Rookie Logo Maker – RugbyFuture


The Gold Scarf – forum poster of the year: Moses, RugbyReg, and Lee Grant (3-way tie)
Nominations: Moses, RugbyReg, Gagger, Austin, fatprop, Langthorne, Scarfman, PaarlBok, LeeGrant

The Poster You Most Want To Have A Beer With – winner Cyclopath
Nominations: Moses, cyclopath, Scarfman, Lindommer, fatprop, barbarian, naza, WaratahJesus, Lee Grant, Hawko, Gagger, The Brown Hornet, Bruce Ross.

Lee Grant Award – most knowledgeable poster: Lee Grant
Nominations: fatprop, Scotty, Austin, Blue, Lee Grant, RugbyReg, tranquility, Bruce Ross

Rookie of the year – Hugh Jarse
Nominations: The Brown Hornet, RugbyFuture, Konze, Jnor, Hawko, Chief, Hartman, Hugh Jarse, Seb V, Thin Thighs, Reds Happy, Gnostic, Austin.

Most passionate poster: winner Reddy!
Nominations: Reddy!, WaratahJesus, naza, Scotty, Gnostic

The Tom Carter  Рposter most likely to start a fight: Reddy!
Nominations: Bruce Ross, biffo, Gnostic, WaratahJesus, Reddy!, Scotty

Funniest poster – winner Moses, for “I want to giz in my mouth” as Wallabies won in Bloemfontein
Nominations: Cyclopath, Scarfman, Moses, naza, Blue, PaarlBok.

The Yellow Scarf of Friendship – best overseas poster: Paarlbok
Nominations: PaarlBok, Blue, Thomond78, dobduff11, MajorlyRagerly, Scorz.

The Robbie – most incoherent poster: winner Wazimba2K
Nominations: Wazimba2K, WaratahJesus, Matto, Lee Grant, PaarlBok

NTA award – winner Bruce Ross
Nominations: Topo, Wamberal, BrumbyJack, Moses, Lindomer, Bruce Ross, The Riddler, Gagger, Lee Grant

Best Avatar – winner Fatprop
Nominations: Riddler, Hugh Jarse, fatprop, Blue, cyclopath, MajorlyRagerly, WaratahJesus

Most missed poster – winner NTA
Nominations: formeropenside, NTA, Wazimba2K, biffo, Red Bull, Spook, Jury


Scarfie – he is the knitter of the Scarf

Juan Cote – a stalwart of the G&GR earliest days, writer of My Week – Quade Cooper, and Juan for the Road


Matt started G&GR just before the 2007 Rugby World Cup and has been enslaved ever since. Follow him on twitter: @MattRowley

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