EXCLUSIVE: What they said about the Robbie Deans biography

EXCLUSIVE: What they said about the Robbie Deans biography

Today it was revealed that a new biography of Robbie Deans is about to hit the shelves.

It is a fascinating insight into one of the most polarising figures in Australian rugby. How do I know this? Well we at G&GR have managed to get our hands on an advance copy of the book, and there are a few really interesting sections. One of the best is the chapter on Robbie’s life at home, which includes the fact that for years Robbie has had his hair cut by his butcher, as he saw his ‘incredible potential for a more prominent role’ when he was trimming the fat off one of Robbie’s steaks.

But the section that caught our eye were the extensive reviews by past and present players, administrators and even rival coaches. This page of quotes is really something to behold, so have a look:

John O'Neill


John O’Neill – “I am so confident in the success and quality of this book that without even reading it I’ve already purchased the sequel.”



Matt Giteau – “It’s not the softest toilet paper I’ve ever used, but it provided an amazing sense of satisfaction. Kudos for using recycled paper.”

James O'Connor9


James O’Connor – “Mixed emotions about this one. Happy that Chapter 10 was all about me, unhappy that the title was Mauled by the Lions.”

Graham Henry


Graham Henry – “I’ve never read a book that has made me smile so much.”


Rocky-RenaissanceRocky Elsom – “This book reminded me of the early works of Chaucer- of course there was no use of continental accentual-syllabic meter (thankfully!), there was a playful reverence for the finer points of the English language. And this ‘McCaw’ fellow was a most delightful antagonist, though his pantomime villainy verged, at times, on the fanciful.”



Matt Burke – “Having once written a book myself, I feel entirely qualified to comment.”



Spiro Zavos – “Would it be wrong to say I got a little turned on during a couple of the chapters?”

Will Genia


Will Genia – “Yeah look, I’m just taking this book one chapter at a time. All credit to the author, he’s really making me work for it, but uh, yeah it’s really a book of two halves and I’ve just got to focus and re-group and try and cut out the unforced errors. If I can focus and execute then I’m confident I’ll get a result.”



Greg Growden – “My snouts told me that there was to be a tell-all chapter on a rather colourful Sydney club rugby identity but it seems that is still to be printed. Stay tuned.”


Ewen McKenzie Wallabies v France 3rd test_140621_013Ewen McKenzie – “Before I read this book I had never thought of going into the biggest game of the season with a 10 who hadn’t played there all year. Now it’s a tactic that I can’t wait to use. Thanks for the tip Robbie!”



Berrick Barnes – “Yeah it was a good read, a nice insight into an interesting man”



Greg Martin – “Quade would have given a much better quote than Berrick Barnes, and the fact that he was overlooked for this role is nothing short of a national outrage.”



Warren Gatland – “I absolutely loved the twist ending, though I must say I saw it coming a mile off.”


Mitch - was bald then too

John Mitchell – “I really enjoyed this book. Robbie is just a man of so many talents and this biography, nay, encyclopaedia gives us all valuable insight into many of these. I encourage everyone to get their copy as soon as possible as it is sure to become a coaching bible. Well… what the fuck are you waiting for? I told you to GET THE FUCK OUT THERE AND BUY IT! WHY ARE YOU ARSEHOLES STILL READING THIS WHEN YOU FUCKING WELL SHOULD GETTING INTO YOUR FUCKING CAR AND DRIVING TO THE CLOSEST FUCKING BOOK STORE AND BUYING EVERY LAST FUCKING COPY OF THIS BOOK, DICKHEADS!”


And lastly, from the man himself…


Robbie Deans – “Look I think the book came together as well as we could have hoped for. There was a major deposit in belief made by the whole team, from the proofreaders, to the editors and the publishers too. You have to take care of the small things- the letters, the punctuation, the paper- and the rest will take care of itself, I think. I recommend that if you purchase this book you come in with no set plans or structures, and just read what is in front of you.”

deans i got this


Can't write, can't play.

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