Waratahs v. Chiefs – quick match report

Waratahs v. Chiefs – quick match report

Tahs running out in charity strip, and attacking from the outset. Tom Carter playing at 10 in defence from a superb scrum by the Tahs and Atieli Pakalani in for the Tahs first try in the 3rd minute. Converted and it’s 7-0!

Chiefs regained from the restart and threw it around, penetrating the Tahs defence and applying pressure in their 22.

Some great darts enterprising darts from Brendan Leonard had the Chiefs almost scoring a penalty after a surrendered tackle on Delany, however the Chiefs spilled the ball at the Tahs line. Back for a penalty – 7-3.

Let's have another scrum

Tahs straight back into the Chiefs 22 after the restart and again pressuring the Chiefs line. Nice recycling from the Tahs pigs, a knock on was to end the attacking move and give the Chiefs a defensive scrum on their line.

The Chiefs were penalised for not binding correctly in the scrum, with the Tahs taking the 3 points. 10-3.

From the restart the Tahs again won possession and some nice darts from Luke Burgess had them on the attack again. The ball was recycled to Atieli Pakalini who was absolutely pole axed by Liam Messam and spilt the pill.

In the resulting scrum the Tahs again applied pressure to the Chiefs’ set piece, however Tom Carter was penalised for being offside at fly Half following a call from the assistant referee. Delaney converted making it 10-6 to the Tahs.

Into the 17th minute and the Tahs were again in the Chiefs 22, however Luke Burgess was adjudged to knock the ball on. The Chiefs achieved parity in the scrum, and booted the ball back into the Tahs half, where Luke Burgess was penalised for hands on the ground.

From the penalty Delaney committed the cardinal sin of booting the penalty dead, granting the Tahs a scrum on halfway for their transgression.

Into the 20th minute and Tatafu Polota-Nau is looking quite groggy. Tahs lineout 5 metres out and the rolling maul is looking very strong. Chiefs are penalised for collapsing and the Tahs take a scrum.

From the resulting scrum the Tahs won the ball and were about to cross the line unopposed when referee Jaco Peyper called them back as the scrum had collapsed. The next scrum he awareded the Tahs a further full arm penalty for Nathan White collapsing. Third scrum and this time it’s a penalty to the Tahs.

Pep talk time and it’s about the front rows dipping too low. Scrum 4, Tahs feed. Heads touching, reset! Scrum 5, another talk to the Chiefs about alignment now. “If it happens again, it’ll be a penalty”. Scrum 6. Collapsing. CARD TIME. Nathan White take a break for 10.

Tahs take scrum 7. Scott waldrom subbed to get a front rower on in Samo Taumalolo. Tahs get a great hit, and start driving to the Chiefs line where they collapse. Penalty Try to the Tahs. Kurtley pops it over and it’s 17-7 to the Tahs.

Setting up for the restart and Phil cheekily kicks the ball 20 metres off the mark, guess he wants a rest after all those scrums. Tahs attack well from the restart then kick for the corner. Chiefs win and clear to halfway. Tahs win a penalty and Kurtley misses his first for the night, still 17-7 with White in the bin.

From the restart the Chiefs do well to get into Tahtown, winning a penalty. Delaney happily takes the opportunity to run the clock down, just pushing the kick to the left as Nathan White starts to warm up for his return.

Tahs kickoff and the Chiefs move it through the hands only to be bundled into touch. Nathan White and Scott Waldramreturn from the spell with the score still 17-6.

A cheeky kick from Kurtley into the ground to bounce over a Chiefs player and Pakalani almost regains. A Chiefs knock on and we’re back to a scrum. Peyper has decided to start afresh with his scrum assesments.

Tahs win the scrum, then win a penalty for Chiefs holding on at the ruck. Kurtley pots it and we’re 20-6 going into half time.

Second half and Ben Mowen makes a superb 20 metre run up the middle. Polota-Nau is seriously limping now,yet still hits a ruck and makes a linebreak. Tahs make ground into the Chiefs 22, however are counter-rucked off the ball and concede a penalty for holding on.

Chiefs lineout on halfway is won, then Delaney coughs up the ball under little pressure. A nicely weighed box kick from Burgess and chase by Mitchell has Masaga kicking under pressure.

Tahs lineout in Chiefs 22. tahs run it for three phases then are penalised for holding on at the Chiefs 22.

Chiefs lineout on halfway is won by the Tahs, and Atieli Pakalani makes a damaging line break only to spill the pill. If he could hold onto the ball he’d be quite awesome. Chiefs win the resulting scrum and kick it dead, so we go all the way back for a scrum on the Chiefs 10m line.

Tahs win this scrum, but are penalised for obstruction.

Chiefs lineout in the tahs half is won by the Tahs, and Tom Carter makes a great run back to halfway. Burgess makes a great break and throws a hail mary into no mans land. TPN goes over the top with absolutely no regard for his own well being and pops up a great off load to Kurtley Beale.

Phil Waugh departs the field at 48 minutes barely able to walk, leaving Dean Mumm as the on fileld captain. The chiefs set up a goo maul and make 10 metres into the Tahs half, and continue to look good while attacking.

TPNs lineout throw is crooked so it’s a Chiefs scrum on their own 10m line. Good solid scrum and they spread the ball wide and forward. Tahs scrum on the Chiefs 10m over hte other side of the field.

Chiefs win a lineout and put 10 phases together pressuring the Tahs line, blow a big overlap by running into TPN, and eventually spread it to Tim Nanai-Williams who dives over a ruck to score. Delaney convers and it’s 20-13 to the Chiefs.

From the restart Pat O’Connor is penalised for not rolling away, and Delenay puts a massive touch finder to set up a lineout deep into the Tahs half. They win the lineout and are soon into the Tahs 22, however Swayne Sweeney knocks the ball on in a tackle.

At the 60 minute mark Chris Hickey starts to use his bench with Pat O’Connor off for Dave Dennis and Wycliff Palu off for last weeks’ hero Sitaleki Timani.

Tahs scrum on their own 22, ship it to Mitchell on the wing who gets the kick away through a chargedown attempt by Leonard. TPN is still looking sore, and has been defending at 13 for a while now, hoping we’ll see Damien Fitzpatrick sooner rather than later. Tahs have looked headless since Phil went off.

Back to halfway and Ben Mowen is penalised somewhat harshly for coming through the ruck and taking out the halfback. Delaney misses the kick so justice is done.

Lachie Turner left the field at the 64 minute mark with what appeared to be an injury to his left arm, possibly shoulder / collar bone.

Tahs lineout on the Chiefs 10m line. Short lineout back to TPN who powers up to their 22. Several phases later the Chiefs excellent counter rucking has regained posessions and a few pick and drives have them back in the Tahs half. A clever dart has Kerr-Barlow close to the Tahs 22 and the Tahs give up a penalty for not rolling away. Delaney misses the kick and it remains 20-13. Tahs will need to dig deep to see this match out.

From the restart the defensive pressure has lifted, with the Tahs holding the Chiefs in their half for ten or so phases. The Chiefs break the line and knock it on, Tahs pounce on the ball. Several phases of attack, and we’re kicking again for the Chiefs to move it back through several phases

A superb run by Lelia Masaga was a highlight, pushing off or stepping four Tahs before Pakalani finally halted his momentum. Timani gives up an offside defending our 22 and Delaney converts – 20-16.

Changes form the Chiefs – Delaney off and Nanai-Williams to fly half to see out the final 7 minutes of hte match. Tahs still lead by 6 and it’s going to be tense. Great defense in the Chiefs half though they are dominating possession. Tahs force a knock-on on half way.

Scum time, two resets and we’re after third time lucky. 3 minutes to go and the lead is still 6. Tahs win the scrum and an ordinary kick from Mitchell has the Chiefs running back with a three man overlap at Halangahu. Fortunately the Chiefs knock it on and with that the Tahs are safe.

Scrum time and the crowd start chanting “Don’t kick the ball, don’t kick the ball”. We win a penalty, Kurtley knocks it over and it’s 23-16 at full time.

Tatafu Polota-Nau is awarded man of the match, for mine Mitchell and Pakalani were the standouts.

Crowd 20,270.


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