Video Proof: Hooper not guilty of punching

Video Proof: Hooper not guilty of punching

Proof has come to hand that Michael Hooper is not guilty of punching Argentinian fly half Nicolas Sanchez and as such should be cleared by SANZAR tomorrow.

Re-watching the zoomed in slow motion video above it becomes clear that:

1 – There is no swinging arm punch past or on the head. In fact, it appears to be a strong push to the top of the back

2 – Hooper’s hand is open before and after he makes contact – there is no fist

3 – After Sanchez hits the ground he doesn’t grab the top or side of his head where ‘punched’, but the front of his face to milk a penalty – suggesting there was in fact no punch at all

Our money is on that Hooper rightly is acquitted of striking in tomorrow’s hearing (especially if they show this footage – you can thank us later ARU). It leads us to ask what should be done about the actions of Nicolas “Dirty” Sanchez – if indeed he hasn’t testified on Hooper’s behalf in the meantime.

What do you think, is it a punch?

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