The Dropped Kick-Off 18 – Q&A (with the GAGR News Team)

The Dropped Kick-Off 18 – Q&A (with the GAGR News Team)

Yep, they’ve given us another crack.

The Dropped Kick-Off is back for the first time in 2020, here to talk about all the left-field and fun topics in rugby.

With the game on hiatus, we decided to kick off the year with an old-fashioned Q&A, throwing it out to the Twitter-Sphere and asking for questions, thoughts, hot-takes and opinions.

For our first Q&A, Nick was joined by the wizards behind our daily news bulletins, Jack O’Rourke, Nathan Williamson and Dylan Langes to give their thoughts.

*WARNING: Mild Coarse Language*

Topics of discussion:

Jamie Hevia/ Sydney NRC- Some people have been calling for a national comp and no super rugby. Well this is their chance. What can we offer broadcasters and sponsors. And Shute Shield is not the answer.

Rugby_World– Whats the most important position in the gane today? OR “a ball running 12 vs a playmaking 12; which would you rather?”

– If you were Rennie- who would be one new person you’d have in the Wallabies starting squad?

– There is merit in the 11 captains signing a letter to RA- agree or disagree?

– The shittiest part of this period of rugby.


Die-hard Brumbies/Country Eagles fan now based in Sydney. Author, anthropologist, musician, second rower. Still trying to make sense of the 21st century. Dropped a debut novel last year...

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