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    The Poor Man’s Guide to Fantasy Super Rugby 2017

    Any mug could point out that Israel Folau, Beauden Barrett and Dane Coles will be three of...

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    RWC Fantasy League Wrap-up

    The scores are in, the results are tallied…  and New Zealand beat us in fantasy too. Not...

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    G&GR Fantasy League Update – Round 14

    The finals are drawing near, which means that fantasy crunch time is fast approaching.  Each week is becoming more and more valuable.  Time is dwindling for those of us looking to move up the table, and for those at the top, it’s getting harder and harder to hold on. The league leader...

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    Fantasy Comp 2011 – Round 1

    Well, well, well…  Quite a start to the fantasy season we have on our hands here!  I personally copped a hiding (thanks Ma’a) but nonetheless there was some success around the league.  Our very own Moses shot out of a cannon to finish 2nd overall with a blazing 457 points.  Might have...

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    Super14 Fantasy Comp: naming the Champ

    It was a hard fought season with heaps of strong contenders, but there could only be one winner of the G&GR Fantasy League. That winner, and proud owner of a Double Gold Pass from the ARU, was none other than SCRUMBLUE’s SCUMBAGS! Huge, well-deserved congrats to him for taking the title home!...

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    Super 14 Fantasy Comp – Round 14

    Little bit of movement at the top of the table this week, making things interesting heading to the semis. An off round by ManBearPigs saw him relinquish the lead, with scrumblue taking over top spot. Steven Hawking and SuperMango20 follow just behind. All four managers are in the top 70 globally which...

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    Super 14 Fantasy Comp – Round 12

    Well well well…  The season is beginning to wind down with only 2 rounds left before the playoffs start.  Appears to be a 4 horse race for the title at the moment.  ManBearPigs still at the top with Steven Hawkin, SuperMango20, and scrumblue close behind.  SuperMango20 is especially hot, taking the honors...

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    Super 14 Fantasy Comp – Round 11

    Pretty good week in the G&GR league overall.  We maintained our league average lead for yet another week.  Well done on that fellas!  ManBearPigs keeps the top spot and rose to 14th overall globally.  Good showings by Steve Hawkin, scrumblue, and SuperMango20 give us an impressive 4 members in the top 75...

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    Super 14 Fantasy Comp – Round 10

    No earth-shattering changes to the league this past week.  A couple newcomers to the top 10 and bit of shuffling, but overall looks about the same.  ManBearPigs still sits on the G&GR throne and 23rd overall, with scrumblue coming on strong.  TazXV had a sweet round (3rd best in G&GR) and is...

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    Super 14 Fantasy Comp – Round 9

    After a down week last time out, nearly everyone responded with a high-scoring round (except umm, yours truly…  cough).  Faith in the Reds was a big part of it and the key players didn’t disappoint.  ManBearPigs retains the league lead and climbed into the top ten to sit 7th overall in FoxSports...

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    Fantasy League Final Preview

    Only two days before the transaction deadline, so if you’re going to start a team get crackin!  Most of you have probably spent a decent chunk of time tinkering with your squad (I know I have) and maybe have a good idea of who you want on your team.  In the event...

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    G&GR Fantasy League Basics

    Greetings boys and girls!  Only 9 days left until the first squad deadline — I hope you’ve been thinking about who to select for your team.  We’re already nearing 100 members in the league, so big thanks to those that who have signed up.  If you haven’t joined and have been thinking...

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    G&GR Super14 Fantasy Comp Sign Up

    PRIZE ANNOUNCED: A double Gold Pass to the Wallabies home test of your choice in 2010. Thanks to the ARU! We’re running a fantasy league again this year in addition to the tipping comp, so be sure to sign up for both — already quite a few takers in the tipping comp....

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    Chat with Newb: winner of Fox fantasy rugby

    Here’s a few words with G&GRs own James Mahoney (aka Newb); winner of the TOTAL Foxsports fantasy league competition. Where are you from and where do you live? Born and raised in the US.  Currently in the Boston area but spend a fair amount of time in Chicago.  Feel free to brand...

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    G&GR S14 tipping & fantasy honours

    First off, and most impressively – the Fantasy league Just in case you wondered about the quality of the comments and punditry around here, one of our own – James Mahony (aka Newb) has gone and won the whole bloody thing! Pretty farking convincingly as well, being the only manager to get...

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    G&GR tipping & fantasy round 5

    Well bugger me, two weeks at tipping number 1 for yours truly. Hats off to Eddie Bridges who’s Red Chieftans weighed in with a chunky 365 points. As a league we’ve picked up a place at 8th. Remember all you cane toads that it’s a Reds bye this week!

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    Tipping & Fantasy results round 4

    Big performances of the week: Moses who tipped 6/6. Ballsy to pick the Highlanders over the ‘Saders Muzz-is-it; 380 points this round was near the top of the pile I also can’t resist pointing out who’s leading the tipping comp (and didn’t have such a bad Fantasy week either). This is bound...

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    Fantasy and tipping results round 3

    Here they are. A crazy week in the tipping comp has separated things out a bit. Muzza-is-it had a belter, sticking Diggers as his captain. As a league, I think we’re coming 3rd??

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    G&GR tipping & fantasy wk 2 results

    Results of the Green and Gold rugby tipping and fantasy leagues from round 2 of super 14 2009

  • ACT Brumbies
    Super 14 Round 1 Teams

    Full teams for round 1 of Super 14 2009