Mathieu Bastareaud le fake: Oh my Godwin!!

Mathieu Bastareaud le fake: Oh my Godwin!!
Lying Bastareaud

Lying Bastareaud

What a difference a week makes – both for Mathieu and Godwin. It is said that sport and politics should never mix, but the parallels between the cases of Bastareuad and Godwin Grech have blurred that line.

Rugby followers were shocked last week at the news that Les Bleu centre, Mathieu Bastareuad, had been assaulted outside the team’s Hotel after spending the night on the piss with his team-mates.

French team manager, Jo Maso, evoked the confected outrage of Liberal Senator, Eric Abetz, as he prosecuted the case for Bastareuad in the press.

“They (the attackers) abused him verbally and he responded to that, they then piled into him. There were four or five of them”

Kind of like the four or five Labor Senators that piled into Godwin every time he tried to answer a question at last week’s Senate hearing.

Bastareuad’s claim has now turned out to be as dodgy as a leaked Treasury email.

Bastareuad has come clean and owned up to the fact he was totally off his chops and “fell in my bedroom and scared my cheek on the table”. It must have been some piece of furniture as Bastareuad suffered a fractured cheek bone!

There has been some conjecture it may have been a team-mates fist, cleverly disguised as a coffee table, which did the damage – let’s hope Godwin has managed to stay clear of any Liberal Party coffee tables.

Despite a seemingly indefensible position, Bastareaud’s flamboyant millionaire boss at Stade Francais, Max Guazzini, did his best to stick up for the disgraced player by saying.

“It was simply jolly japes by a youngster, he has now gone on holiday to the French West Indies”

Perhaps the flamboyant millionaire boss of the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull, should have taken his cue from Guazzini and used the “jolly japes” defence for Godwin, and then sent him on holidays to Norfolk Island?

Wellington Mayor, Kerry Prendergast, has obviously been watching this week’s performance of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and was quick to claim the moral high ground in an attack that was more effective than K-Rudd’s.

“There was clearly collusion. There were other players involved, the team doctor was involved, the coach (was involved) because (Bastareaud) got sent back so quickly. This is wider than just one player and I think we need an apology”

Whether there be further fall-out in relation to Bastareuad’s plight is unclear, but he has shown that he is tailor made for a job in Treasury. I’m not so sure that Godwin could make it as a centre for Stade Francais however – but he was wearing a pink tie at the Senate hearing?


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