Winner: predict the score 3Ns game 4

Winner: predict the score 3Ns game 4

We had another cracker of a response to our third pick the score competition.

MOSES, G&GR’s own technical supremo, is recorded as getting closest first, with a tip of 18-9 (just 4 points adrift). However, with his capabilities and the time he spends on the site it’s impossible to know whether this was a real tip or just a glitch in the matrix responding to a thought impulse from Moses as he lay connected to the grid in a perspex cocoon full of amniotic fluid during the match.

Also just four points out in his prediction of 17-10 was SCOT FREE, so he’s our winner! Mr Free (no relation to Lance) will be receiving  a copy of Rocky Elsom: Leader of the Wallabies and the Bob Dwyer Coaching Manual.

Clearly so reeling with shock that he took three days to get back to us, Scot said:

Woohoo! I finally won something! Might have a crack at guessing the outcome of the match against
the AB’s now, though, frankly, I don’t care so long as the Wobblies win. I want them to go to the WC
and ask for the Bill.


To everyone else: yep, you’ve stuffed it three times but there’s still another game to go next week with the Wallabies’ last Tri Nations match.

BUT THIS ISN’T THE TIPPING POST — you’ll have to wait till next week.


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