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Thursday’s Rugby News 9/9/21

Thursday’s Rugby News 9/9/21

Well, we Australian Rugby Fans are an interesting bunch. A short three months ago everyone was saying how we are looking like we are turning a corner and now everyone is banging on about how rubbish we are.

This weeks thoughts

The Light at the end of the tunnel may not be an oncoming train

Facts Lies and Statistics

This week as part of my looking around the Interwebs I came across the Stat’s page on the SANZAR Website. The Stats revealed two things to me, firstly anyone expecting a festival of running rugby watching South Africa and Argentina play are in for a rude surprise.

Secondly, the stats reveal we are probably trying to play too much Rugby. Details Here

Clean Breaks NZ 29 AU 21 ARG 6 SA 5 

Carries AU 243 ARG 212 NZ 170 SA 164

Offloads AU 27 NZ 17 ARG 14 SA 4

For mine, this demonstrates we are playing plenty of rugby and need to execute a little better. This is obvious but if we keep at it, we will get there. 

What it also shows is that the modern game it is easier to not have the ball than have to play all the footy, so balance is important.

I think we can expect a fairly simple game from both eh Argies and the Saffa’s so there is real opportunity the next couple of weeks could change the narrative completely.

Jordie Barrett gets off

Marika Koroibete  and Jordie Barrett contest a kick not that one

Not a big surprise and to be honest it was probably the correct call. At the time I thought the call was a yellow and the new 20 minute red card replacement probably gave the referee the chance to make the big call without it being that big.

Part of his defence no doubt was that this is completely out of character, and he is a really good bloke. Naturally the New Zealanders got the red card reversed, and the incident expunged from his record, so his red card will not linger on his record the next time he does something like this.

Fortunately, I do not exist in the sludgepond of Twitter with some of our sheep loving brethren sharing the theory that it was Marika Koroibete’s fault for taking the space away from one of the ball catcher in the air. (Face Slap) and he deserved sanction.

France’s World Cup is just two years away

In exactly two years’ time, a blaring whistle will signal kick-off as France go toe-to-toe with the All Blacks in the opening match of the 2023 World Cup.

Pools are below with some final spots to be worked out.  From Rugby Pass

2023 Rugby World Cup Pools

Pool A:

New Zealand, France,Italy, Americas 1, Africa 1

Pool B:

South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Asia/Pacific 1, Europe 2

Pool C:

Wales, Australia, Fiji, Europe 1, Final Qualifier Winner

Pool D:

England, Japan, Argentina, Samoa, Americas 2

The good thing is there are going to be some good teams who do not progress out of their pools.

Rugby Podcasts My list

We live in a world where your phone is now your entertainment device, so I thought I would share the following as I spend a fair bit of time running around the countryside and cannot listen to the drivel on radio, so my fuel of choice are podcasts (Rugby and otherwise. Feel free to put some others in the comments section. Obviously, I will plug ours first.

1 Green and Gold Rugby Pod

2 The Dropped Kick Off

3 Pick and Drive Rugby Pod

4 The Eggchasers (English)

5 Rugby Fixation

6 Ruck Me Dead (Botoota Advocate)

7 Piller To Post Podcast (18 plus listening, 12 year old humour)

8 Pig Athletic Club (Also Juvenile)

9 The Rugby Pod (English)

10 The Thistle Scottish Rugby Pod 

11 Leaders Not Captains (Beau Robinson) Not just Rugby but also on leadership highly recommended.

Peace out and waiting for Hoss off the long run tomorrow.

All Blacks

Like all things in rugby I am afirm believer that we all love the game just support different colours.

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