G&GR Best Aussie Club Try of April: Winner!

G&GR Best Aussie Club Try of April: Winner!

There was a clear winner (with 45% of the vote) for our April Try of the Month: following some scintillating lead up work from Damon Murphy, Trent Jones demonstrated great support play to dot down for Brothers against Sydney University. Below is a video of the winners being presented their Skins and KooGa booty by G&GR’s Juan Cote.

This try will now be one of the tries up for the G&GR Best Aussie Club Try of the year, of which the winner’s club of will receive more Skins and KooGa kit as well as a team coaching session with Robbie Deans!

No doubt you would have noticed the production values of the presentation video – a COTE/FREE production. “I can’t take credit for the shot set-up as Lance was in charge of artistic direction.” Said Mr Cote.  “His choice of understated lighting and obtuse angles evokes film noir at its murky best and provides a stunning counterpoint to today’s slick, technicolor productions such as Kafe’s Chalkboard.”

In response, the Artistic Director, Lance Free, said: “I was tempted to provide a palate of light and colour but decided a more understated ‘shadow’ genre would be affective in consideration of the location and lighting available at the time (a gym at night). I scoped the genre of ‘hand held’ tracking or ‘dolly’ shots but in the end decided that a fixed position would enhance the foreground, middleground, and background planes in sharp focus at the same time. I thought the low angled shot in the circumstances, especially with the taller figures, was appropriate.”


Scott is one of our regular contributors from the old days of G&GR. He has experience coaching Premier Grade with two clubs in Brisbane.

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