2010 EOYT Tipping Comp

2010 EOYT Tipping Comp

*waves hand* This is not the tip you are looking for...

With the End Of Year Tours on, it would be remiss of us to not allow you an outlet to tell the world how you think things will go down. With that in mind, don’t forget to join the official Green and Gold Rugby tipping comp, it is NOT too late. Those that have, this is your top ten:

1 Gagger 2.00

Krumpet 2.00

3 ChrisBob 1.50

#1 Tah 1.50

AJ 1.50

-eke- 1.50

Noddy 1.50

Lara 1.50

petdr 1.50

MrTimms 1.50

Linus 1.50

As you can see, it is tight. You aren’t really going to let someone who lives in England have bragging rights? are you?

Comp details are:
Pool code: thudcase
Pool name: Green And Gold Rugby

It would be wrong not to take this opportunity to spout at the non-believers, those who have the hide to claim they are wallaby supporter. Take this walk of shame, and take it well TheRiddler, Ham, Cyclopath and RunningRugby. As if we were going to let them get 11 in a row…

Join now, you know you want to….


Steve Timms, He likes watching the odd game of Rugby, occasionally writes about it.. Proud member of the original Mudchooks.

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