My Week* – Quade Cooper

My Week* – Quade Cooper
my ace gear

my ace gear


This personal development stuff is pretty cruisey. I’m not sure what it really means but with all the coloured pens and butcher’s paper, it’s just like being back in grade 2, except the questions aren’t as hard.

The chick who is running it said that I needed to identify my weaknesses and own my actions. I showed her a youtube video of  my weaknesses and actions during the ’08 Reds v Chiefs game and asked her if she’d want to own them?

“Fair point” she said as she flipped over another piece of butcher’s paper and moved on to the Myer-Briggs test


Geez I’m bored eh.

There’s only one thing I like doing and that’s playin’ footy. Well, actually there’s a few other things I like doing but JO’N told me it was my arse if I kept doin ’em.

Going out tonight to do some charity work feeding homeless people.

I got some really cool ghetto-style clothes during fashion week so I’ve got my wardrobe sorted. I went and bought myself a new pair of old-school Nike kicks also so I’ll really fit in.

I’m a bit nervous about serving food to these homeless dudes as I’ve never done it before. The head guy from the charity place said it was easy.

“Just pass any old shit in front of you to the bloke next to you” he told me.

Funny eh, it’s pretty much the same advice Phil Mooney gave me about backline play last year.



Man, those homeless dudes have got the ghetto look so down. I didn’t get a chance but I wanted to find out where they shopped because it was so smokin’. Can’t wait to step out in some of those threads at next year’s fashion week.

Trial game tonight, I’m not allowed to play yet because I failed meditation class on Thursday afternoon.  I thought I would have been sweet after I shared my ‘inner feelings reflection’ piece in development class today but JO’N reckoned it was “mumbo-fucking-jumbo”.

It’s sweet but, I get to go out two nights in a row, that hasn’t happened for months.

Nandos is choice



Team meeting.

Not sure what anyone expected to get out of the experience as there were no flip charts, butcher’s paper, motivational quotes or coloured pens to be seen. How are we expected to grow without them?

Link said he had a powerpoint to show us but his laptop had gone missing – so everyone just looks at me. Not fair, man!!!

Turns out it was hidden under all of Leroy’s old KFC buckets.



Meeting with JO’N tomorrow so I’ve got plenty to do. I have to finish my ‘personal fulfilment’ chart as well as writing out my affirmations.

Like it’s cool and stuff. I’ve really got my ‘self concept’ vibe happening and I feel really empowered and I know myself and I understand others.

My ‘energy meridian’ couldn’t be better but I still need to brush up on my ‘emotional freedom technique’.

None of that really matters anyway as I’ve got some wicked threads from my homeless mates to wear to the meeting – I’m talking stylin’ ghetto look!!

They smell a bit funky but they look awesome eh and they seem to tick all the boxes in my ‘meaning of life contract’.



Got down to Sydney early for my meeting with JO’N and changed in to my ghetto look outfit before going to the meeting.

Felt good, and looked great – who needs affirmations when you are this hot!!!

JO’N walked into the meeting room and fucken freaked. He wouldn’t let me sit down or even walk on the carpet. He starts bagging me and telling me I look like a street kid. He got right in my personal space and said there was no chance I was every going to play rugby again. I tried my ‘snarl face’, but it only made things worse!

JO’N finally calmed down, started breathing again and agreed that I could dial in from the carpark. The call went pretty well although JO’N and Nucci did say my legal defence better be a shit load better than my on-field version. I got a bit worried they were choking on something though when told them about my ‘personal reflections’ piece.



The news came through late today – I’m back!

That’s so cool, I love playing footy. I can’t wait to get over to Perth and see Rabbits and discuss the ‘self concept’ with him; I reckon he’ll dig it!

Talked with Link about some new stuff to improve our training sessions.

I said I really thought we could utilise our time better and achieve the results we all knew we were capable of if we empowered our human capital and discovered the positive energy that is inside all of us.

He just threw me a tackle bag…I got the message.


*According to Juan Cote


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