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The Best in Australia by the numbers

The Best in Australia by the numbers

After half a packet of Tim Tams and five Rum and Cokes, I’ve done some data sets based on various criteria to see how each of the Australian provinces and individual Australian players are going thus far in the Super 14 for this year.


Looking the above data, the thing that stands out is how much the Reds kick the ball and how little the Tahs run the ball. I guess this suggests the Tahs kick more effectively than the other teams and the Reds are least effective in this respect

The Reds lead the other Aussie teams in most attacking KPI’s but languish at the bottom of the table, equal with the Force.

The Tahs, on the basis of this data, are the most conservative of the Aussie teams and yet they are leading the charge, who said the ELV’s were meant to herald a new era of attacking rugby.

Below is an individual breakdown of some key statistical indicators. On balance, I guess it looks as if Cliffy and Diggers are the best performed Australian players.

Have a look at the data, draw your own conclusions, and leave a comment.


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