Tuesday’s Rugby News

Tuesday’s Rugby News

G’Day GAGR’s! Hard to concentrate on the ruggers when to quote Big Darryl Eastlake…
“By gees …. By Jingo… By Crikey…. We’ve got sports coming out of our assholes!” With
the Olympics distracting life, I will try and slip some rugby in.

Rona ruins Rugby schedule yet Again!

The Bledisloe Cup

The Bledisloe Cup

Well as of close of business Monday, it looks like with the current Wuhan Flu debacle,
the Trans-Transman travel bubble is shot. It now looks like instead of a Test in twiggy
Land (Perth) bookended by games in Auckland and Wellington, the Perpetually NZ Cup
(AKA the Bledisloe) will now commence with the first 2 clashes in the land of the Long
White Cloud.
Eden Park will host the opener on August 7 (which can’t come soon enough), with the
second test location unknown. Let’s hope it isn’t in bloody Dunedin.

Obi-Wan Cooper

Quade Cooper WallabiesHS_2008

Well bugger me! You would never have picked this, and after the commotion on GAGR
today, with the return of the Messiah. Won’t the Ass Clown be absolutely spewing.

But whether he plays or not is largely irrelevant, the main reason he has been bought
into the squad is to mentor and help train the young playmakers.
“You watch them go about their training,” Cooper said. “You see things in them that you
can look back and say, ‘Yep, I can help out there. I see where I went wrong at that age’.
“For me, that’s something I can provide … to be able to provide an example of what it
takes. I know where I fell short in the past, and hopefully now I’m in a position I can lead
from the front in those areas and provide a little bit of guidance.”
All I can say is thank Fuck they didn’t bring in Spanners Foley!

Aussie Sevens Flog Korean’s in their second Olympics match

First Nations Sevens

First Nations Sevens

After a really rusty start against the FISM’s (Falkland Island Silver Medallist’s-
Argentina), the Aussie 7’s team stepped up and put the sword to the South Korean’s.

Closing out the game 42-5, the Aussie must beat the Kiwi’s to have any shot at winning the gold.
The Aussie 7’ haven’t beaten New Zealand since 2018, so this might be a tall order.
But alas! It is the Olympics, it is bloody hot over there in Nipponville, which has to play to
our strengths. So go Aussies.


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