The Dropped Petaia Carry 60 – Drunken Filth (Q&A VIII)

The Dropped Petaia Carry 60 – Drunken Filth (Q&A VIII)

This podcast is… something else. Braving through shoddy internet, shoddy mics, lightening storms and terrible Bledisloe performances, Nick W, Nick H and Natho somehow produced a Q&A podcast. Maybe it was a sign to not talk about the Wallabies performance?

WARNING: Naughty words in the pod


1. Ian Foster – lol crying face x5

2. Fox Sports Writer – When can we talk about Davie Rennie getting the sack?

3. Vuli Sunavalu – when is Vunavalu gonna get a start?

4. Nathan Williamson – I’m over to NZ to cover the Womens World Cup

5. Wick Nasiliev – but what about the NRC

Michael Sheen Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fpV0OFC0vc


Die-hard Brumbies/Country Eagles fan now based in Sydney. Author, anthropologist, musician, second rower. Still trying to make sense of the 21st century. Dropped a debut novel last year...

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