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VIDEO: Barry Crocker of the Week – Round 1

VIDEO: Barry Crocker of the Week – Round 1

We asked what else to add to our Team and Player of the Week ratings, and you answered. While the details varied there was a common thread: you demanded a SHOCKA OF THE WEEK. And we  have listened.

Here’s a video reel to refresh your memory of round 1’s worst moments, and you can vote below. Your choices are:

    1. Kimlin’s kick. There’s two points in it, your team is hot on attack in the oppo’s half and the tall boofhead lock grubber-kicks it straight to them. Just awesome.
    2. Cooper’s pass. The kiwis have never forgiven Carlos Spencer; should we forgive our own flawed genius?
    3. JOC’s haircut. That bad, apparently a charity paid him two thousand buck to get rid of it.
    4. Mathewson’s yellow. There aren’t many times you’d argue against a kiwi getting carded. This is one of them.


[youtube id=”_3FRb2RXkdM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Which is your SHOCKA OF THE WEEK?


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