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  • Rugby
    2010 Aussie Rugby Wishes

    It’s been at least a week since there was any Aussie rugby, and so I’ve naturally completely forgotten coming plumb last in the Tri-Nations and stuffing a once in a quarter of a century Grand Slam chance (including losing to Scotland, FFS). As such, the incurable optimism of the Wallaby supporter has...

  • Wallabies
    Live Score: Gloucester vs Wallabies

    Final Score: Gloucester 5 – Wallabies 36 click below for Gagger’s full and exclusive coverage of this game.

  • Rugby
    Melbourne Rebels Super 15: Up and Running?

    Update 29 Sept: It has been reported in today’s media that the VRU Rebel’s bid Chairman (and media buying giant) Harold Mitchell has broken bread with VicSuper15 Group’s Ray Evans and Glenn Fowles, with a resultant merged board likely to result from the negotiations and with Mitchell appointed as Chairman. If this is the case, a strong contender for ultimate...

  • France
    Vid analysis: Driving me rucking crazy

    Adjudicating the match between the Wallabies and France last Saturday was a random penalty generator, otherwise known...

  • France
    Live Score: Wallabies vs France

    Final Score: Wallabies 22 – France 6

  • Italy
    Italy vs Wallabies; first test preview

    Guess what – Craig Gower’s back in town to play against the Wallabies! And oh yeah – there are some other Italian blokes with him as well… While that’s been Aussie media spin on the Italian selection (how are we going to get bums on seats when there aren’t any ex-mungos in...

  • Heineken Cup
    Rugby Science: Heiny Cup vs S14

    It seems to me this year that the taste for all things domestic Northern Hemisphere rugby had...

  • Rugby
    The Leaguies take Paris! Video highlights

      I’ve been following the French Top 14 rugby this season because, let’s face it, its far...

  • South Africa
    Springboks versus Wallabies Teams & Preview TriNations Durban

    FINALLY they’ve released the much speculated over Australian team list and it’s true to the media briefings over the last few days. The big news is that both Horwill, and especially Elsom, are both in, having survived full on training sessions yesterday. These are two vital cogs when taking on a riled...

  • How the worm has turned

    For the past few weeks the level of whining coming out of Australia’s Rugby League “nerve-centre”, the NRL, has been steadily ratcheting up. Over the weekend the angle was that Sonny Boy Williams (a jumped up Kiwi mungo) had dared to be so disloyal as to walk out on his “contract” with...

  • Rugby
    Leaguies bleat as Rome burns

    Enjoyed this so much, had to share it. By fitzy AND yea, verily, it was written. In the future the poor will be rich, the weak will be strong, the meek shall inherit the earth and rugby league will scream like stuck pigs as the forces of rugby union, with cheque books...

  • Rugby
    Coatsie’s board game guide to the football codes

    By Coatsie In a pub-bound philosophical discussion recently (read piss-up with mates) I made the following formulation as a comparison guide of the football codes. It’s extremely scientific, founded on many years of extensive research as a footyheaded armchair psychologist pouring over reams of literature, and pouring plenty of cold beer down...

  • How to tell the football codes apart – by Coatsie

    Dear Matt and readers, In response to a recent post, I took the liberty of replying to the question “what do I think of Rugby League..?” I’m afraid I’m the same as Matt; I’m Rugby through and through. Consequently I see Rugby League as little more than touch-footy with tackles. I know,...

  • Wallabies
    Chief idiot strikes again

    When you’ve had a week at boot camp swimming across lakes in temperatures of 1 degree and route marching through the bush through the night, I think you can be expected to let off a bit of steam. Hey – maybe even until 5.30 in the morning, I mean there’s no test...

  • Wallabies
    More mungo madness

    Well I guess we can’t say we didn’t see it coming; the night club fight in South Africa, the phone call prank with Michael O’Connor and now being too drunk to get out of bed and train for a piffling Tri-Nations game. Unfortunately for Australian rugby, the Tuqiri top has been spinning...