Nutta’s Rugby Positions Revisited: Winger

Nutta’s Rugby Positions Revisited: Winger

Hiya Cobbers

In this round of Rugby Positions Revisited I am focusing on numbers 11 & 14 – the Wingers – and their contribution to our wonderful game.

It is too easy, some may say obtuse or droll, to insist Wingers contribute nothing.

Facta non verba, even though numbers 11 & 14 are officially listed by the UN as among the 7 Most Useless Things in the World (next to the Pope’s balls and 3x Cheers for the Ref), it is nonetheless true that when someone actually useful is given a card, Wingers are still kept on-field while Loosies take the bullet.

So Wingers therefore must contribute something.

But, as with vegans and head lice, I just don’t know what that contribution is.

So I’ll just say that we should just put an ‘h’ after the ‘W’ as that would make their name a more accurate reflection of our reality.

That’s all I have to say about that.


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