My Wallaby side to play France

My Wallaby side to play France

Greetings from the USA, people. I know you have missed me (god knows the site sure has) so I thought I would fire in a column from the road.

I’m currently in Nashville, Tennessee, and all the locals are talking about is the upcoming Wallabies series against France. Blokes of all ages are accosting me on the street with questions like “Will Link pick Genia or White” or “Who will wear the 8 jersey” or “With the changing nature of forward play can we afford to play Simmons AND Jones in the same pack?”.

I laugh and smile and tell them it’s all going to be OK. Link has a number of very pleasant selection conundrums, with multiple players in form in each position, and youngsters who look ready to step up to the big time.

Now Bob Dwyer has had a crack at picking his team (with ‘crack’ being the operative word), so it is only fair I get a shot too. Although he coached a winning World Cup side, I guided the Shore 13Es to a near undefeated season back in 2008 so I reckon we are about equal.

Of course being up here I haven’t been able to watch any games for the past month- that said the form of the Waratahs in that time has really impressed me. These selections will be based on stats, history and a general vibe I get when I see them play. Anyway, read on my friend, my team awaits…


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