Rugby World Cup 2011

G&GR Search for Second Team Winner

G&GR Search for Second Team Winner

After over 100 quality responses, we have narrowed it down to the very best and can officially announce the Green and Gold Rugby second team.

The winning response came from Searsy, meaning the official second team is… Russia. Here is Searsy’s submission:

Up the Ruskis

Russia –

1) Adam Byrnes – Managed to make the World Cup by reading an advertisement. That’s like getting to play at Woodstock because one of the early acts was missing a drummer.

2) The Best Logo – Looks like the bear from the Cleveland Show stealing an Easter Egg

3) The Names – The fun of yelling ‘Get up there Tsnobiladze’ after 10 pints.

4) Russian Reversal Jokes – “In Soviet Russia, maul drives you”

5) The Song – To the theme of Humphy Bear;

Look over there it’s the Russian Bears,
Rucking and tackling everywhere.
Pathetic and weak are you,
Cause in Soviet Russia maul drives you
Hororay for Russia, Good old Russia,
Hooray for the Russian Bears

Onya Searsy, you take home a Wallaby jersey signed by Rocky Elsom. A reminder that the book “Rocky Elsom: Leader of the Wallabies” is now in store and would make a perfect RWC present for the one you love.

Rugby World Cup 2011

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