You’ve got to be kidding

You’ve got to be kidding

As proof that if you can throw enough bullshit, some will stick, check out the latest odds on the Wallaby coaching race:

$2.25 David Nucifora
$2.75 Alan Gloria Jones
$4.50 Scott Johnson
$6 Robbie Deans
$7 Ewen McKenzie
$11 John Fuggleton
$21 Laurie Fisher

I shit you not. There are obviously enough 2GB listening dinosaurs out there crazed enough to put some of their pensions on Jones. Apart from Jones, the bookies are as usual close to the form. From what I’ve heard I’d have Johnson a little closer to $3 though.

By all reports the interview process today will be a corker, if for nothing else to see the amount of hot air that the DJ Jones will need to generate to cover his zero experience within the professional game. The interview panel are Pat Howard, Michael Hawker, Rod McCall, Mark Connors, Brett Robinson and of course John O’Neil.

Each of the applicants have been asked to present a plan for how they would beat the All Blacks using the 2007 Wallabies squad. I would imagine that the likes of Pat Howard (coaching guru) could have a good old laugh at Alan’s expense if they didn’t mind a subsequent media vendetta. Watch JO’N try and think up some honorary role for the old wind bag (already mooted coach of coaches??) to try and stop him having a good old whinge afterwards.


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