World Ranga XV

World Ranga XV

It’s simple.

Best World Ranga XV we can think of.


15. Neil Jenkins 8. John Roe
14. Clyde Rathbone 7. Martyn Williams
13. Stirling Mortlock 6. Paul Tito
12. Tim Horan 5. Peter Kimlin
11. Tony O’Reily (of yore) 4. Paul O’Connor
10. Andrew Merhtens 3. Duncan Jones
9.  Josh Valentine 2. Julia Roberts / Mark McBain
1. Bill Young / Philip Seymour-Hoffman

Selection criteria:

  • Ranganess
  • Rugby ability


My starter – Peter Kimlin. Sure, Noodles has only 2 minutes of international rugby, but maximum ginge.

Thanks to mungo baiter extraordinaire Wagga Magpie for the recycled idea.


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