Wallabies vs BaaBaas Live Score

Wallabies vs BaaBaas Live Score

Final Score: Wallabies 55 – Barbarians 7

Qantas Wallabies 55 (James Horwill, Matt Giteau, Drew Mitchell 2, Stephen Moore, Ben Alexander, David Pocock, James O’Connor tries; Giteau penalty, 3 conversions; Stirling Mortlock 2 conversions) defeated Barbarians 7 (Iain Balshaw try; Luke McAlister conversion) at the Sydney Football Stadium. Crowd: 39, 688.

Wallabies vs Barbarians live score & wanging on, SFS 2009 (06/06/2009)
6:20 Epi:

Hello World!

6:20 Gagger:  Welcome to the first Wallaby hit out of the season
6:20 Gagger:  Epi – where you been?!?
6:20 [Comment From Jatz]
Hello hello… Looking forward to this!
6:21 Epi:  I been here… There’s been no rugby on lately has there…
6:21 Gagger:  Elsom out, Boofhead Lyons in.
6:21 [Comment From NZ supporter]
has it kicked off yet?
6:21 Epi:

This should be a rip snorter. Shame Rocky is out injured.

6:21 Gagger:  Kick off in about 10 mins
6:21 Jatz:  Seems like ages since the Wallabies have been out. Looking forward to seeing Mortlock v SBW
6:21 Gagger:  Its monster vs monster
6:22 [Comment From NZ supporter]
6:22 Epi:

Be good to see Whits running around again. Should have had a solid 5 year run with the wallabies..

6:22 Jatz:  Poor old Anthems!
6:23 Epi:  Anthems?
6:23 Epi:  Ahhh..
6:23 Epi:  I think I know why..
6:23 Jatz:  Thats Whits nickname… He was only ever on the field for the anthems thanks to gregan
6:23 Epi:  Yeah. Shame that…
6:23 Gagger:  hehehe
6:24 Jatz:  Yep. Would have had a great career otherwise
6:24 Epi:  How come the ABs managed to juggle so many great halves like marshall kelleher etc. and the wallabies couldnt get Whits a decent run?
6:25 Jatz:  Did Marshall have a few more injuries like his achillies etc… Gregan was virtually indestructable
6:25 Gagger:  Gregan was the captain?
6:25 Gagger:  So – biggest matchup you’re looking forward to tonight?
6:26 Jatz:  After England getting beaten by Netherlands last night, if the Wallabies can win this morning it is already a great weekend!
6:26 Jatz:  Mortlock v SBW
6:27 Epi:  surprised the media here hasnt been able to pull some decent footage of SBW playing rugby considering the games are all televised…
6:27 Gagger:  Smith vs Waugh?
6:27 [Comment From chriscullen]
hi all. for me Im looking forward to seeing Luke Mcalistair/Giteau
6:27 Jatz:  All the backrowers should be a good one. Shame about Elsom
6:27 [Comment From chriscullen]
and watch out wallabies, jerry collins will probably go silly injure someone vital and then get sent off
6:28 Epi:  Collins.. maybe still the best number 8 in the world?
6:28 Jatz:  Heard the press saying McAllister is really nervous… Sounds strange.
6:28 Gagger:  How often has he played at 10?
6:29 Jatz:  Well he has played there for the All Blacks and Sale
6:29 [Comment From NZ supporter]
jerry? he a 6
6:29 chriscullen:  hes a 12 really, but I think he will be used by ABs as backup for everyone from 10-13
6:30 Jatz:  I think thats his problem, he hasn’t just nailed down one spot. He thinks he’s a 10 I think.
6:30 chriscullen:  I hope the pommy wingers get a pasting
6:30 Jatz:  Me too
6:30 Gagger:  did you forget an ‘h’ there cc?
6:31 chriscullen:  yeah oops
6:31 Gagger:  Noddy Lynagh questioning Burgess selection on pommy tv
6:31 NZ supporter:  yeh hell probly gt called in now kahui and smith r injurd
6:32 Jatz:  How about Waugh brushiong Mortlock there!
6:32 Gagger:  He’s a niggly little fucker
6:32 Gagger:  Talk about a point to prove tonight
Twitter beerandsport:  I made a schoolboy error, bought tickets for sage a jesus, they’re still at they’re still at the pub. Seats good, $25 well spent #baabaa
6:34 Gagger:  Playing the anthem is a cunning ploy. Whits will put his trakky back on and go to the bench
6:35 Jatz:  haha
6:36 [Comment From Cully]
Has it kicked off yet?
6:36 Jatz:  Surely Waugh and Lyons will through the occasional wrong offload to a gold jersey.
6:36 Gagger:  AND WE’VE GOT KICK OFF!!
6:37 Jatz:  I’m glad this is at the SFS.
6:37 Gagger:  BaaBaas kick off and Giteau clears
6:37 Gagger:  Dicko pings Wallabies for offside
6:37 Epi:

lyons knows the line out calls? surprised.

6:38 NZ supporter:  epi oh sweet thnx did realise
6:38 Gagger:  Baabaas lineout on wlaabies 10
6:38 [Comment From colin]
u knw any live steams where i can watch
6:39 Jatz:  What a hit!
6:39 Gagger:  SBW almost through the line and smashed on the line (by Burgess?)
6:39 Jatz:  Who was that?
6:39 chriscullen:  wow big hit
6:39 Epi:  Sbw straight threw mortlock hit by murphy on the line
6:39 chriscullen:  thought he was in for sure
6:40 [Comment From Cully]
did SBW shake it off?
6:40 Epi:  sorry burgess made the hit
6:40 Gagger:  Yeah, managed to offload
6:40 chriscullen:  1-0 sbw v mortlock
6:41 [Comment From stephen]
should of taken the tackle
6:41 chriscullen:  easily past morty
6:41 Epi:  offload was ok. butchered wider out.
6:41 Jatz:  1 all
6:41 Gagger:  Mortlock hammers SBW!
6:41 Epi:  1-1
6:42 NZ supporter:  sbw is a good runner fa sure but how good is his d
6:43 Jatz:  Great try.
6:43 Gagger:  TRY HORWILL!!
6:43 chriscullen:  nice attempt balshaw
6:44 Gagger:  Lovely pill from Smith
6:44 Jatz:  What was Mapasua* doing?
6:44 Epi:

nothing yet jatz

6:44 Jatz:  He should have hit Horwill
6:44 chriscullen:  was murphy actually but blaming balshaw anyway
6:45 Jatz:  JOC looked like the ball boy/ supporter in that shot of the bench.
6:45 [Comment From cyclopath]
Hey-ho! Onto the 2nd bottle of wine and ready to wang on
6:45 chriscullen:  serves the baabaas right for drinking all week long
6:46 Gagger:  Pump up Cyclo!
6:46 cyclopath:  Oh no, yet another touch line in goal controversy – I feel a 5 page thread coming
6:46 cyclopath:  Gagger, I am on the rivet (cycling term for any who care). Means going hard!
6:47 Gagger:  you mea “en bloc”?
6:47 Jatz:  Scrum looking a bit dusty.
6:47 cyclopath:  More ” en sav blanc” at the moment!!
6:47 Gagger:  Noice
6:48 Gagger:  Aussie scrum getting a shove on?
6:49 cyclopath:  Good shove / wheel there. Offside was correct call.
6:49 Gagger:  Baabaas offside midfield. Wobbs going for Poles
6:50 [Comment From Harfish]
I’m impressed with the way some of the kiwi blokes look out there
6:50 Harfish:  BTW, greetings from the other side of the ditch
6:50 Gagger:  G’Day Harfish. Where you been!
6:50 Harfish:  Laptop died
6:50 cyclopath:  Hey Harfy-fish
6:51 Harfish:  $2,500 repair bill
6:51 Gagger:  Wobbs slot it 8-0 afterh 13min
6:51 cyclopath:  You think Morty wants to show he still has the mojo?
6:51 Gagger:  Nice spurt there from the Evil Wizard
6:52 cyclopath:  Can’t you buy 2 laptops for $2500, Harfish?
6:52 Gagger:  He has a kiwi repelling forcefield
6:52 Jatz:  2-1 Mortlock
6:53 Harfish:  No try!
6:53 cyclopath:  Drew, 1st rule is act like you scored!!
6:53 Gagger:  Is Shmoo crying?
6:54 Jatz:  Thats a try my friends.
6:54 Harfish:  Indeed
6:54 cyclopath:  Especially when you actually scored!!
6:54 Gagger:  Great tackle from from Whits
6:54 Gagger:  Try
6:55 Harfish:  Do we have Bill Harrigan in the replay booth?
Twitter beerandsport:  Fuck me, phil didn’t kick for poles! First time ever.. #baabaa
6:55 Jatz:  Nice one from Mitchell. He didn’t have much on.
6:55 cyclopath:  More to the point what about Steve Clark??
6:55 Jatz:  Standard front rower in the d line.
6:56 Gagger:  Mapasua is a liability

6:56 cyclopath:  Not for us
6:56 Gagger:  Gits misses conversion

13-0 after 17

6:57 Gagger:  Wallabies now openly insulting Mapasua
6:57 Gagger:  BaaBaas looking pretty ordinary
6:58 cyclopath:  BaaBaas on the drink with Symo?
6:58 Epi:

symo backs up better than this..

6:58 Gagger:  Great nudge from AAC. I’ve always said he should kick more
6:59 [Comment From chriscullen]
I heard glowing reports about mapasua, he looks ordinary tonight
6:59 cyclopath:  Nice, Epi
6:59 Jatz:  Mapasua has has some cracking games for Munster
6:59 Jatz:  London Irish I mean
7:00 Gagger:  Burgess is on FIRE
7:00 Harfish:  Murphy hasn’t lost any pace there
7:00 Epi:

Mapasua missed that tackle…

7:00 cyclopath:  Gee poor ruckside defence fromBBs
7:01 Gagger:  The Wallabies are now following Mapasua around the field
7:01 Harfish:  Are the Wallabies being awarded caps for this game?
7:01 Gagger:  Nup
7:01 cyclopath:  No caps, they get beanies though
7:01 Jatz:  How good
7:01 Gagger:  Classic Gits TRY!!
7:01 Harfish:  Good, because it looks like an opposed training run
7:02 Jatz:  Mapasua AGAIN!!!
7:02 Epi:  Matt Giteau.. how good is he.
7:02 Gagger:  Shake ‘n bake baby!!
7:02 cyclopath:  Looks unopposed to me Harfish
7:02 chriscullen:  This scoreline could end up ugly
7:03 Jatz:  SBW in no mans land! 3-1 Mortlock.
7:03 Gagger:  Gits slots

20-0 after 24

7:03 Harfish:  Highest score against the Barbarians is 66
7:03 [Comment From Sean]
am the wallabies r winning
7:04 Jatz:  Another good hit from Mortlock. 4-1
7:04 chriscullen:  good one sean
7:04 [Comment From Sean]
im suprised, the Baabaas have an awsome team
7:04 [Comment From GC]
Time to bring O’Connor on
7:05 Harfish:  McAlister looks like he never left NZ
7:05 Gagger:  Thank christ Balshaw didnt score
7:05 chriscullen:  time to sub mapasua
7:05 Harfish:  Not sure if that’s a good thing…
7:05 Gagger:  Great cross field nudge from AAC
7:06 Jatz:  Great pressure
7:06 cyclopath:  Gee the Wizard almost stole one there
7:06 Gagger:  AAC wasn’t going to run, but then saw Mapasua
7:07 [Comment From Sean]
Sonny Bill Williams, Luke McAlister, Chris Whitaker, Jerry Collins, Chris Jack … i can’t see y the Aussies r winning 20-0!!
7:07 cyclopath:  What, and laughed?
7:07 NZ supporter:  come on baabaas shit lol should hav start JM
7:07 Epi:  Mapasua has been the real liability in the back line.
7:08 chriscullen:  sub mapasua with justin marshall
7:08 Jatz:  And to think England lost to these lads…
7:09 [Comment From Dad]
Bring on the Little general
7:09 [Comment From Sean]
england were good in 03 but now :(
7:09 NZ supporter:  agreed bring on JM
7:10 [Comment From Ed]
The difference is the best rugby coach in the world, NZ’s Rob Deans
7:10 [Comment From Eddo]
Late entrant, G’day fellas from the USa
7:10 Gagger:  G’day Eddo!
7:10 [Comment From Sean]
Justin Marshall is jm??
7:10 cyclopath:  Hang on Stu, if the Wobbs knock it on, how does the delib knock down count?
7:10 Jatz:  Mapasua again
7:11 [Comment From Sam]
How’s George Bush?!
7:11 Epi:

he didnt see the knock on cyclo… dont know how he missed it!

7:11 cyclopath:  Just type M for Mapasua – it will save everyone time!!
7:11 Eddo:  I wonder how much delay I am on… Barnes injured – didn’t i predict this already ???
7:11 NZ supporter:  gyes JM = justin Marshal
7:11 Jatz:  Cheapy from the Englishman Lewsey
7:11 [Comment From GC]
Horwill looks like he’s coming back into last year’s form.
7:11 Harfish:  Lewsey’s always been a dirty bastard
7:12 Eddo:  Mapasua is the weak link tonight
7:12 [Comment From Sean]
have the baabaas been close to the try line yet???
7:12 Harfish:  Glen Jackson on for Mapusua
7:12 [Comment From Guest]
is berrick barnes okay>?
7:12 Eddo:  1st minute sean
7:12 Harfish:  McAlister to 12 perhaps?
7:12 Eddo:  SBW was 5cm out
7:12 Jatz:  Get Terry Wright on for Mapasua
7:12 [Comment From Sam]
Let’s see how Horwill does against the Yaapies this year! They could win the Trinations…
7:13 Gagger:  M is off!!
7:13 Eddo:  Mapa SUBBED!
7:13 Harfish:  Love Phil Kearns
7:13 Jatz:  How shite is Balshaw!
7:13 Epi:

good call that.

7:13 [Comment From WendyNoble]
SBW is playing like a star
7:13 Harfish:  Just said Mapusua looked like Mr Miyagi
7:13 [Comment From Sean]
South Africa will win the tri nations i think
7:13 Eddo:  yeh – i like him.
7:13 Jatz:  Nice fishing Sean
7:13 Gagger:  Wendy, stop thinking about him naked
7:13 Eddo:  ahhhh,… grasshopper
7:14 cyclopath:  Wax on, Mapasua off!!
7:14 Jatz:  hahah cyclo
7:14 Gagger:  Baabaas scrum in own 22
7:14 Epi:

hehe… good one cyclo

7:14 [Comment From WendyNoble]
I actually think he’s playing well
7:14 Epi:  he is wendy.
7:14 [Comment From jasper]
is berrick still at 12?
7:14 [Comment From Sam]
Agree Sean: the Yaapies should be very tough this yr.
7:15 Eddo:  McAlister wearing Nomis boots..
7:15 cyclopath:  Can Sean and Sam have their own blog to continue their parallel universe?
7:15 Eddo:  lol
7:15 [Comment From Sean]
ball to sonny bill williams … and a try!!!! (i wish)
7:15 Harfish:  I was wondering if they were the same person
7:16 [Comment From Sean]
whos got the ball now??
7:16 Jatz:  Wow, the Baa Baas had the ball!
7:16 [Comment From JS]
How’s McAllistair been playing?
7:16 cyclopath:  Bit basketball at the moment. Wouldn’t mind a bit more structure
7:17 Eddo:  It’s hot potato out there
7:17 Gagger:  Gits great pill to corner
7:17 Eddo:  Giteau.. #1 in the world
7:17 Epi:

Baabaas could really do with Rocky…

7:17 [Comment From Sam]
What planet are u on Cyclopath!
7:17 Eddo:  Dan hasn’t played enough to come close to him
7:18 Eddo:  Baabaas could do with Bakkies
7:18 Gagger:  JS – McCalister hasn;t had enough pill
7:18 Jatz:  Good control I reckon. Heaps of possession.
7:18 cyclopath:  Well I know you’re on the one inside Neptune!
7:18 GC:  The forwards might want to remember some of them need to be in the ruck stop Burgess getting hit as he passes it.
7:18 [Comment From OJ]
D.Carter no 1; Giteau No.2
7:19 Jatz:  Carter needs to be on the field to be no 1.
7:19 cyclopath:  OJ – once was the case, but DC out at the moment, so not in it.
7:19 Gagger:  BaaBaas have stopped committing to breakdown – hence it;s messy midfield
7:19 Eddo:  nup.. .Carter hasn’t played since Jan… past form won’t matter when he rolls out for his first game in 6 months
7:20 Gagger:  Wallabis get penalty 10 out from Baa Baas line and take lineout. Wagh intercepts
7:20 Eddo:  I rection the ab’s will start donald and have DC on ze bench
7:20 Jatz:  5 – 1 Mortlock
7:20 Harfish:  Try Baabaas!
7:20 [Comment From Dad]
D who?
7:20 [Comment From JB]
How come the Wallabies have stopped scoring?
7:20 Eddo:  bummer
7:20 Jatz:  No… Not Balshaw
7:20 cyclopath:  Good try BBs, poor D from Wobbs
7:20 Eddo:  D who – i like it
7:20 Harfish:  Yes Balshaw
7:20 Eddo:  he’s in paris tonight anyway
7:20 GC:  Burgess, what was that?
7:21 Eddo:  That last pass was pretty nice
7:21 GC:  Rocky didn’t look so happy when the babas scored.
7:21 Gagger:  McCalister two touches and the original bust
7:21 Jatz:  Balshaw has lip-stick on his cheek
7:21 Gagger:  Why did it have to be Balshaw who scored?
7:21 Eddo:  ggeze.. i fear L McA back in an AB jersey
7:22 Harfish:  McAlister will be back in black for the Tri Nations
7:22 Eddo:  Will fox show us the prop race at half time ?
7:22 Gagger:  McCalister slots


7:22 [Comment From Sean]
who scored??
7:22 Harfish:  Not going to play against France and Italy tho
7:22 Eddo:  Balshaw
7:22 GC:  Bring on TPN and JOC after half time.
7:22 cyclopath:  Lucky looks OK, the Kiwis should pick him, unless they want to be stubborn cos he bailed for a couple of years.
7:22 Jatz:  Great add over here for the Ashes with Warney!
7:23 Eddo:  haven’t seen warneys ad..
7:23 cyclopath:  Does it invole lasers, Jatz?
7:23 Jatz:  Its on Sky Sports.
7:23 Jatz:  haha, no it doesn’t
7:23 Eddo:  damn.. back to american ads
7:23 Gagger:  We better pwn the poms
7:23 Harfish:  AB Back line for Tri Nations: Weepu, McAlister, Nonu, Smith, Sivivatu, Rokocoko, Muliaina
7:23 Harfish:  Pretty scary really
7:23 [Comment From JB]
How’s Chris Jack doing in lineouts?
7:24 cyclopath:  And Rok lucky on form, but has the past reputation
7:24 Eddo:  I did
7:24 Epi:

Rokocoko has done nothing this year.

7:24 Jatz:  We should have an ashes wang
7:24 Jatz:  Holland beating the Poms was pure class! Loved it.
7:24 cyclopath:  Call it an Ash-ram
7:24 Gagger:  Chris Broad fucked 3 wickets in 3 balls in the final over. From now known as a “shat-trick”
7:24 cyclopath:  And break out the beads and incense
7:24 Eddo:  I’d be here for the ashes, if it was on
7:25 Jatz:  Collingwood before the game said he was looking forward easing into the tournament… BWA HAHAHAHA
7:25 Eddo:  Hey
7:25 [Comment From xero]
so wats up with sonny bill’s switch to union?
7:25 Eddo:  AAS
7:25 Eddo:  n’t
7:25 Eddo:  mbed
7:25 Jatz:  I’d be here for the Ashes too!
7:25 [Comment From Guest]
dont talk about fucking cricket guys!
7:25 Harfish:  English criminals to be executed by Chris Broad throwing a cricket ball from 6 feet
7:25 Eddo:  AAS hasn’t bombed to nowhere too badly yet
7:25 MN:  The Poms have always been slobs
7:25 Harfish:  Then John Terry with a football from 12 yards
7:25 Epi:  Xero – SBW has done a lot of tackling…. unfortunately the BBs have had little of the ball.
7:26 chriscullen:  think cowan will be half harfish
7:26 Jatz:  Burgess has been good tonight. Much better form.
7:26 cyclopath:  Is that Adam Ashley Shooper, Eddo?
7:26 chriscullen:  if he stays off the piss
7:26 Epi:  The wallabies wouldnt have a try tonight without Mapasua…
7:26 Jatz:  Backline has looked very dangerous
7:27 Jatz:  Mapasua should probably retire.
7:27 Pete:  The Poms & their mushy peas just don’t do it for me…
7:27 cyclopath:  Jatz, wash out your mouth – I say ABs pick him in perpetuity
7:27 Harfish:  I think Mapusia is Samoan
7:28 cyclopath:  Well then I am an idiot!
7:28 Jatz:  Yeah, Western Somoa.
7:28 Epi:  He is Harfish
7:28 Jatz:  But he should still play for the AB’s
7:28 [Comment From Juan Cote]
Playing three no 10’s…Gits, Barnes and Smith?
7:28 Harfish:  Then again, most AB midfielders are Samoan these days
7:28 [Comment From Juan Cote]
Scrum looked pretty shit early on…I don’t like Smith playing as an extra no. 10
7:29 cyclopath:  JC, with Sahrpe we have 3 wingers too.
7:29 Jatz:  Yeah, its never stopped then before. Somoan, Tongan…
7:29 GC:  The seagull hasn’t seagulled too bad tonight. Expect that to change in the 2nd half.
7:29 [Comment From Dad]
PREDICTION! Wallabies will not score again 2nite
7:30 Juan Cote:  Can the wallabies get tighter and play a dress reheral for next week?
7:30 Epi:  Dad! What are you doing here!
7:30 cyclopath:  Put some money down, Dad!
7:30 GC:  If JOC gets on it’ll be another 3 trys.
7:30 Harfish:  Dress rehearsal for Italy? Like they need it
7:30 cyclopath:  Same too if Mapasua comes back on…
7:30 Jatz:  There will be plenty more points in the second half dad
7:30 JB:  I’m still waiting for a reply guys: how has C.Jack played so far?
7:30 Epi:  Dad..If you get drunk again… well you know what happened last time.
7:31 cyclopath:  They’re some big headphones on Jimmy Williams!
7:32 Gagger:  Summary of half:

Wallabies playing with good rhythm and once they spotted Mapasua was clueless, took full advantage. BaaBaas had hoped to outmuscle at the breakdown, but had obvioulsy been on the piss too much this week.

Once they got rid of Mapasua and flooded the backline, the game tightened up a bit.

Gits, AAC, Burgess, Horwill, Brown, Waugh all having crackers

7:32 [Comment From Dad]
it’s classic cantabrian rugby
7:32 GC:  Hodgson off.
7:32 Gagger:  Mumm on for Hodgson who has a fucked shoulder
7:33 cyclopath:  Bad luck for Hodgson – shame.
7:33 GC:  2 blood bins
7:34 Harfish:  Yikes! Two Wallabies wearing the red badge of courage
7:34 cyclopath:  Is there a sniper in the stands – 4 down in 1 minute!!
7:34 Gagger:  Burgess off, Brown and Moore off with blood
7:34 [Comment From Conor]
prepare australia A
7:35 Gagger:  Gits goes for kick pass and overcooks it
7:35 Harfish:  I used to be a sniper, if I were close enough to be in the stands, splattered brains everywhere
7:35 cyclopath:  OK, must remember to respect Harfish more!!
7:35 GC:  SBW’s been nailed a few times now.
7:35 Gagger:  Hehe. Classic Balshaw moment
7:36 [Comment From Dad]
Be Great if SBW puts the shoulder in
7:36 Sam:  Top summary Gagger. You have a career unfolding b4 you!
7:36 Harfish:  The way the Wallabies tackle SBW reminds me of the way the Boks used to tackle Rathbone
7:36 Jatz:  SBW has had a tough night.
7:37 cyclopath:  Combos out the window for the Wobbs with all the subs
7:37 Jatz:  Cool runnings Rathbone.
7:37 Epi:  I think SBW has played well considering…
7:37 [Comment From Sean]
Stand Out Players Most Tackles Most Offloads Most Kicks Most Runs Most Metres Most Line Breaks Stirling Mortlock 1 Berrick Barnes 3 Matt Giteau 8 Richard Brown 8 Drew Mitchell 77m James Horwill 2 Player Stats Australia Pos Runs (m) Tack Offl. Kick T.Ass. L.Brk Ruck T/Ov. Benn Robinson LHP 3 (5m) 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 Stephen Moore HOOK 3 (18m) 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 Alastair Baxter THP 1 (5m) 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 James Horwill LCK1 7 (54m) 0 2 0 0 2 5 0 Nathan Sharpe LCK2 3 (13m) 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 Matt Hodgson BSFL 3 (10m) 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 George Smith OSFL 1 (1m) 0 2 1 1 0 1 0 Richard Brown NUM8 8 (28m) 0 0 0 0 0 8 2 Luke Burgess HB 3 (14m) 0 0 1 0 1 2 1 Matt Giteau FIV8 4 (46m) 0 2 8 0 1 2 1 Drew Mitchell LWNG 8 (77m) 0 0 1 0 0 6 1 Berrick Barnes ICEN 2 (39m) 0 3 3 0 0 0 0 Stirling Mortlock OCEN 2 (22m) 1 0 1 0 1 1 2 Lachie Turner RWNG 6 (67m) 0 0 0 0 0 5 1 Adam Ashley-Cooper FBCK 5 (52m) 0 0 3 0 0 5 1 Tatafu Polota-Nau RHKR 0 (0m) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ben Alexander RPRP 0 (0m) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Dean Mumm RLCK 0 (0m) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 David Pocock RFL 0 (0m) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Josh Valentine RHB 0 (0m) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Quade Cooper RBCK 0 (0m) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 James O’Connor RES1 0 (0m) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Barbarians Pos Runs (m) Tack Offl. Kick T.Ass. L.Brk Ruck T/Ov. Clarke Dermody LHP 0 (0m) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Sebastien Bruno HOOK 1 (14m) 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 BJ Botha THP 1 (10m) 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 Chris Jack LCK1 1 (3m) 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 Paul Tito LCK2 0 (0m) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Jerry
7:37 cyclopath:  Is that spam?
7:38 Harfish:  Instaban?
7:38 Gagger:  Yeah, he’s gone.
7:38 GC:  OMFG the Wobblies have 2 backs who can kick again!
7:38 [Comment From Conor]
berrock barnes is the man
7:38 cyclopath:  Adios, amoeba
7:39 Gagger:  The text message english is always a bad sign
7:39 [Comment From Conor]
but hes also a leagie
7:39 Gagger:  Whits off, Marshall on
7:39 cyclopath:  Look out Conor!!
7:39 [Comment From Guest]
hows berrick barnes playing? anyone
7:40 Gagger:  Mortlock is picking on SBW
7:40 Eddo:  everyone is too flat
7:40 [Comment From Conor]
like a mad dude qlder
7:40 Jatz:  Gits is kicking like a genius.
7:40 Gagger:  Gits & Barnes are kicking like MACHINES
7:40 cyclopath:  Gits is going OK I agree.
7:41 Gagger:  3rd bottle yet Cyclo?
7:41 cyclopath:  It’s on the horizon, Gagger
7:41 Jatz:  SBW burnt by Turner
7:42 [Comment From Conor]
sonny bill BURNT by turner
7:42 Jatz:  JM loves the cheap shots doesn’t he.
7:42 cyclopath:  Waht’s up with Marshall attacking Brown’s head? Settle Meg
7:42 Eddo:  yup, turner smoked sbw
7:42 Epi:

nice one JM..

7:42 Eddo:  marshall is a cunt
7:43 cyclopath:  OK, now I want TPN to hammer Marshall on principle!!
7:43 Gagger:  Eddo – I as typing that!
7:43 Eddo:  always has been
7:43 Epi:  please… thats what you want in a scrum half.
7:44 Gagger:  JC starting some nigge with big kev
7:44 cyclopath:  Kiwis starting to go feral – orders from Graham Henry??
7:44 Jatz:  Jerry Collins is a cock too.
7:44 Eddo:  horwill should’ve got up swinging
7:44 Jatz:  Haha Turner had SBW burnt again!
7:44 Gagger:  A game to forget for SBW
7:45 Harfish:  Why are we surprised? Collins and Marshall have always played like that
7:45 Eddo:  not yet…
7:45 cyclopath:  SBW has been OK, just that Mortlock has made a point of messing with him.
7:45 Gagger:  THE AAC BOMB!!!!
7:45 Jatz:  You would think they could just play in a Baa Baas game tho.
7:45 [Comment From jo]
never used this site before – how far into the second half are we?
7:45 Eddo:  it was only a matter of time
7:45 Gagger:  Welcome Jo – 51min
7:46 Jatz:  52 mins
7:46 Conor:  isnt it the eddo no. 3??
7:46 [Comment From CatherineBaun]
wendy get your head in the game, hes playing average
7:46 Conor:  big fan of the site thanks fellas
7:46 [Comment From jo]
Cheers mate.
7:47 Eddo:  don’t get me started on it
7:47 Gagger:  Good spot Conor, although its the Bobas 3
7:47 CatherineBaun:  i reckon the baa baas wikk win this
7:47 cyclopath:  Nice pass Meg
7:47 Conor:  oops…well didnt say obsessed
7:47 Gagger:  Who let AAC of the leash?
7:48 Eddo:  the scoreboard did
7:48 Harfish:  Oooh, Ben Blair, I used to date his ex
7:48 Gagger:  Lift your game then Conor! ;)
7:48 Conor:  sorry coach
7:48 Gagger:  Gits MAGIC
7:48 cyclopath:  Giteau has it on a string.
7:48 Jatz:  I think a little more ball in hand is in order.
7:49 CatherineBaun:  claim to fame much?
7:49 Jatz:  Harfish… What was his name?
7:49 Gagger:  Need a few fwd rumbles to clear some space
7:49 Gagger:  Sorry Catherine?
7:49 Eddo:  it’s like we’retrying to re-establish the accendency again even though we already had it ..
7:49 Harfish:  Jatz: touché
7:50 Eddo:  SBW magic
7:50 Eddo:  everyone holding their breathe?
7:50 Jatz:  Woeful chase
7:50 CatherineBaun:  ben blairs ex is no big deal
7:51 Gagger:  Moore TRY!!
7:51 cyclopath:  S Moore with jet-shoes!!
7:51 Eddo:  end to end… ball in hand was the key
7:51 Gagger:  Spectacular inside ball from Smith
7:51 Eddo:  tidy from valentine too
7:51 cyclopath:  Good tackle on Moore from Marshall – obviously outpaced!
7:52 Gagger:  Who would ever have thought that Drew would have taken down JC?
7:52 Jatz:  Nice Rose Tattoo in the stadium!
7:52 [Comment From Liam]
Good try, ref is having a cracker
7:52 cyclopath:  Ben Blair can motor.
7:52 Eddo:  agreed
7:52 Gagger:  27-7 after 58
7:53 Jatz:  Good last touch for SBW… Far from convinced tho.
Twitter beerandsport:  Not much 3g coverage, can’t tweet from the seat. Bar line is ridicuklous. And no tv here, what a crock. #baabaa
7:53 Gagger:  Waughs gonna do it by himself if he has to
7:54 Eddo:  sbw would get a 13 spot for any NH nation at this rate
7:54 Jatz:  Except for Ireland.
7:54 Gagger:  SBW needs another year
7:55 Eddo:  BOD is safe
7:55 Harfish:  Like the looks of SBW, but I’d still have Smith or Kahui ahead of him
7:55 Eddo:  yeh.. give him more time..
7:55 Jatz:  SBW reminds me of Frank Bunce.
7:55 [Comment From rugger]
get of sbw’s arse he doesnt claim to b the best just trying somthing new
7:55 cyclopath:  Well Kahui is gone too – 6 months
7:55 GC:  SBW in a year or 2 will be v. good
7:55 Eddo:  ave gone to nz this year
7:55 Eddo:  to get faster footy
7:56 Eddo:  nice clean out SBW
7:56 Epi:

agreed rugger… sbw could have gone missing on the losing side but has beeen in everything

7:56 Gagger:  Brits is class
7:56 Harfish:  Another fast jaapie hooker
7:56 Eddo:  a classy prick you mean
7:57 Jatz:  I bet he would be the first person to tell you he is good and fast too.
7:57 Eddo:  hospital ball
7:57 Gagger:  Wobbs have done a great job on SBW so far
7:57 GC:  JOC on
7:57 Eddo:  yup
7:57 cyclopath:  SBW lucky Kamikaze Mortlock didn’t hit him instead of Turner
7:58 Gagger:  Pocock on for Brown and AAC off
7:58 Eddo:   – though i’d hate to see him in the middle of a well drilled schmicko aB’s backline
7:58 [Comment From adubya]
game rating out of 10?
7:58 Conor:  why cant we tackle every kiwi like we are sonny bill?
7:58 cyclopath:  JOC might find some space I think
7:58 Gagger:  Is it JO’C on?
7:59 GC:  Why Mumm at 6 and Smith at 8
7:59 Eddo:  8/10
7:59 Epi:  6/10
7:59 Jatz:  I think SBW would look good outside Nonu. Anyone does.
7:59 Jatz:  How good is this kid!!
7:59 Epi:

not going to win trivial pursuit with that combo Jatz..

7:59 Eddo:  JOC… is a gift from above
7:59 Gagger:  Amazing cross field nudge from JO’C
7:59 rugger:  its a same the northern hemisphere playaz are in the barbarz
7:59 cyclopath:  SBW has done OK, no doubt for me
8:00 Jatz:  hahah true Epi.
8:00 Gagger:  Baabaas linout on own 10
8:00 Eddo:  definately worth the switch from league at least
8:00 Harfish:  Kamikaze Betsen on
8:00 Jatz:  I would rate SBW as promising.
8:01 cyclopath:  I think Kev got one back on JC there
8:01 Gagger:  Hehe, Horwill got one back on JC there
8:01 rugger:  yz there not more pacific islanders in the barbarz
8:01 Eddo:  I’d say this… SBW is playing better than tuqiri does,.. and tuq’s has 7 yrs on him
8:01 [Comment From Guest]
who is winning? Score?
8:01 Epi:  I think SBW outside a traditional second five would be a weapon.
8:01 Harfish:  Epi: SWB outside Carter and McAlister?
8:01 Epi:  yep
8:02 Jatz:  Surely being a Kiwi, SBW has played a fair bit of union before.
8:02 Eddo:  wicked angle from BA
8:02 cyclopath:  The WIZARD strikes again
8:02 Gagger:  BEN ALEXANDER TRY!!
8:02 Harfish:  Try Alexander!
8:02 Epi:  alexander.. doing what a prop does best..
8:02 Harfish:  Sack him from the front row club!
8:02 Harfish:  Props don’t do that
8:02 Jatz:  Great line for a prop!
8:03 Gagger:  He was concentrating hard enough on the dive!
8:03 Gagger:  Gits slots and its 34-7
8:03 Conor:  berrick, makes props look like wingers
8:03 cyclopath:  Would have looked stupid if he dropped the ball transferring to do the dive…
8:03 Eddo:  i don’t know why i was so nervous.. it’s a school lesson out there
8:04 Jatz:  Mortlock has been great tonight.
8:04 Conor:  swan dive, looked more like an emu
8:04 Gagger:  Smart kick from JOC
8:04 Jatz:  I think Smith has nailed his spot down too.
8:05 Harfish:  Another injury, Mitchell down
8:05 Eddo:  smith has already kicked 3-4 times though too
8:05 Epi:  mortlock thinks hes babe ruth..
8:05 Gagger:  What was that from Morty?
8:05 Epi:  picking the spot hes going to make the break…
8:05 Gagger:  I think he was choosing a prison wife
8:06 Epi:  hehe,,,
8:06 cyclopath:  Good one Gagger
8:06 Harfish:  Fuck! NZ v Scotland is now 7 overs each
8:06 Epi:  just snorted beer out my nose..
8:06 Harfish:  Sorry, just had to tell someone that
8:06 Jatz:  What is it 5 a side?
8:07 cyclopath:  Tip and run
8:07 Jatz:  Electric wicky
8:07 Jatz:  One hand one bounce
8:07 cyclopath:  6 and out??
8:07 Jatz:  Good rugby!
8:07 Harfish:  Try Mitchell!
8:07 Gagger:  NICE
8:07 Eddo:  JOC got away with one there
8:08 Jatz:  Prob a knock on tho
8:08 Harfish:  Great kick
8:08 Epi:  Try! someone tell the baa baas they gotta start kicking for field position… some time..
8:08 cyclopath:  Giteau is the good Wizard…?? Gandalf II
8:08 Gagger:  Gits grubber through for Shmoo
8:08 [Comment From hard arse]
How cute is the 2nd rower?!
8:08 Eddo:  gorgeous
8:08 Epi:  Hot
8:08 Eddo:  haha
8:08 GC:  Get some scrums on now. BA needs practice at TH.
8:08 Eddo:  i was talking about gits’ grubber
8:09 cyclopath:  If you mean Chris Jack – SMOKIN’ !!!
8:09 Harfish:  No! Paul Tito, love those gingas
8:09 Eddo:  lol…
8:09 Eddo:  Ginja Nnja
8:09 [Comment From jedi]
who scored for the barbs?
8:09 Jatz:  Kearnsey with the massive dig at England
8:09 Epi:

Rangas rule!

8:09 [Comment From hard arse]
I know- cant concentrate on the game
8:10 Gagger:  Gits slots.

41-7 after 73

8:10 Gagger:  Gits off. Quade is on!!
8:10 Conor:  how bout everyone just switches to crappy channel 7 broadcast so i can keep up
8:11 Jatz:  Well, before this game I never would have picked a score line like this. Great result for Antipo-Deans and his squad.
8:11 Gagger:  WHERE’S K-SULK??
8:11 [Comment From jedi]
cheers jatz
8:11 Eddo:  i can’t believe we have the 10-12 combo from the worst team in the S!$ on…
8:12 Gagger:  Is Dicko pplaying a no knock ons rule?
8:12 [Comment From Solid]
Thats the one..
8:12 Eddo:  he called it against LT
8:12 [Comment From hard arse]
josh lewsey is a legend!!!!!! xxxxxxx
8:13 Jatz:  Good shove
8:13 Eddo:  balshaw is going straight down to oxford st after the game
8:13 Epi:  OK… hard arse.. you are flirting with a ban right there..
8:13 Jatz:  Top floor of Stonewall for him.
8:13 Gagger:  Well, Josh is an inspiration for many gay rugby players
8:13 Jatz:  Then cocktails at the Columbian
8:14 Eddo:  George still thinks he is a 10..
8:14 [Comment From hard arse]
8:14 Jatz:  Good good good!
8:14 Gagger:  Pocock over from short range for a TRY
8:15 Jatz:  Shut up Marshall!
8:15 Gagger:  MARSHALL. CUNT
8:15 Eddo:  ditto
8:15 cyclopath:  Thritto
8:15 GC:  I concur
8:15 Jatz:  Now I know why everyone hated Gregan for so long.
8:15 Epi:  maybe the ARU can pay Marshall to give Burgess Cunt lessons…
8:15 Eddo:  kearnsy just blasphemed on tv
8:16 Eddo:  they could get campo as well
8:16 Gagger:  Morty slots.

48 – 7 after 77

8:16 [Comment From Guest]
what did marshall do?
8:16 Eddo:  forwards have quit from the baabaas
8:16 Harfish:  TRY JOC!
8:16 Jatz:  JOC JOC JOC
8:17 Gagger:  Fantastic
8:17 Jatz:  Lewsey couldnt get him
8:17 cyclopath:  JOC – you the man
8:17 Eddo:  i just jizzed my pants
8:17 Harfish:  eww
8:17 Gagger:  JOC BURNT LEWSEY!!
8:17 Eddo:  it was worth it
8:18 cyclopath:  Erm, how did England lose to these guys?
8:18 Eddo:  rocky
8:18 Jatz:  Nice… Bring on the Tri-Nations. Far more confident now. Some good performances.
8:18 Gagger:  Morty slots

55-7 after 80

8:19 cyclopath:  Stumps. BBs go way down.
8:19 Eddo:  Good times lads – its 5:20am… i’m off
8:19 Gagger:  I’m going to hae to re-watch this later tonight when I’m all alone
8:19 GC:  Best 1st match of the season I’ve seen from the Wallabies for years.
8:19 Epi:  who are you with gagger…. details!!
8:19 Eddo:  agreed
8:20 Eddo:  didn’t get messy when the baabaas lost it
8:20 [Comment From jo]
good game boys.
8:20 Jatz:  See ya lads until next game.
8:20 Gagger:  Thanks Jo, I like to think we’re partly responsible
8:20 Gagger:  Thanks Jatz – and everyone
8:20 Eddo:  good chat between sbw and morty
8:21 cyclopath:  See ya Gagger – enjoy your alone time!!
8:21 Jatz:  Thanks Gagger… Good job again.
8:21 Eddo:  yup,.. top shelf effort
8:21 Gagger:  Morty: “Don’t worry SBW, it only hurts the first time”
8:21 Epi:  i think the wallabies played with test intensity… the baa baas forwards didnt…
8:22 Eddo:  would’ve been nice if sbw had got that early try
8:22 Gagger:  Oh fuck, Fitzpatrick is putting the win all down to the KIWI Robbie Deans
8:23 Eddo:  hmmmm…
8:23 cyclopath:  Fitzpatrick is a TOOOOOOLLLLLL! Even the Kiwis think so.
8:24 Eddo:  cya
8:24 Epi:  Laters
8:24 Gagger:  Right fellas, that’s it from me. Very nice win for the Wallabies. Wanging on etc to carry on via the blog and forum.

Thanks for joining


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