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Wales vs New Zealand, England vs South Africa, scores & reviews

Wales vs New Zealand, England vs South Africa, scores & reviews


Wales 9 – All Blacks 29

Full marks to Wales for doing the best stare down of the Haka (especially this new choreographed production) I’ve seen. They refused to move and made the ABs turn first. Nice.

This aggression carried on into the first half where Wales played some great rugby and were unlucky to go into the sheds only 9-6 up. However, the Kiwis did two things to turn the game around in the second half:

  1. Go back to the simple stuff. The Welsh just couldn’t get their hands on the ball for the second half
  2. Ditch Jimmy Cowan. Instant improvement. If he concentrated on his game as much as looking pissed off he’d do OK. As it is he just looks like a twat and got hammered for some of the worst scrum feeding I’ve seen

Notes for next saturday: The Welsh scrum didn’t do anything special, not living up to it’s hype. Shane Williams and Lee Berne are pretty tasty though. To be watched. Stephen Jones had a great first half. They’re still not fit.

England 6 – Springboks (can we say that?) 42

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe. It goes from bad to worse for the poms, and the level of their shitness seems to be directly linked to just how badly Danny Cipriani plays. They could just do nothing right today, in any facet of the game. Johnson has a long, long way to go.

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